A Levels aka the stress of all your life.

My AS levels are coming up (sarcastic yay) so I haven’t had much time to do anything recently. My timetable is literally work, revising, eating and sleeping which is equally horrible and boring. Also now since the governments have pushed forward application dates it means I also have to choose what degree I want to do and where to go. Most of my sixth form is “what’s your future/ I think you should do…/ I think (insert university I don’t care about here) to do…../ wow you have this hobbie why don’t you get a degree in it” and all this speech has made me want to die or made me cry from stress in a corner. Like I can’t decide what I want to eat most of the time let alone decide my future.

Also telling teenagers who have probably a handful of life experiences between them to decide one of the biggest decisions of there life whilst making sure they can recite everything you say so they can get a good qualification, is not the best thing I the world. Use parrots are already stressed with reciting a load of stuff that we probably won’t remember in the future or if we do it’s for a pub quiz or that we actually achieved getting a job in that area. This qualification we are getting is just to show that we can recite useless information and show that we can be controlled even if underneath you are breaking from stress. The education system: making sure we produce parrots instead of thinkers.

A levels are made out to be the pathway to happiness and success a qualification that will make you find enlightenment if you succeed at a good grade. A levels are a miracle to some people but they just don’t suit me. I’ve been in education for about 13 years now and I’m sick of just reciting information that I will forget a year down the line. I’m only getting A levels because I have no idea of what else I should do and because most of my friends pretty much new there future and A levels were the easiest option to pick. I mean nearly everyone does them.

What I’m getting at is that I’m sick if doing what everyone else is doing, I feel trapped in a birdcage and I am slowly becoming a trophy for the college to show off, a mere statistic and that shouldn’t be education. Education should be inspiring and a mentally safe environment. Not a place where stress, depression and loss of hope devoir you. Education should be a place where you enhance your brain activity and makes you think about the world, not make you into another mindless robot who can pass an exam.

The Fear

Recently I feel myself slipping. I no longer care about most things and I’m scared that when I stop caring is the day I give up. I have stopped caring about my A levels because I have no idea what I want to do with my life. The stress of everyone rushing off; the stress of choosing university, the stress of everyone knowing their future but you having no idea.I have always said that the Day I Stop Fighting for myself is the day I die. So what will happen when I don’t care to fight anymore?

What I mean by fight is to try; try to gain equality, try to change minds, try to do well in school work, try to be friendly, try to be blunt and kind, try to be myself. When I stop trying to make my life better or my future better is when I think my mentality will slips. When I stop bothering with myself and trying to be the best I can be, I start to notice every flaw I own and never stop. I start hating myself and start fighting a different battle. So I try to focus on fighting for change and start trying again but it’s difficult to fight two battles

It’s like Nazi Germany fighting on two fronts eventually one will give way. I will either start hating myself or give up. I know how to live with one of them but if I lose on both sides, I don’t know. Hatred and no hope is a dangerous mix. It’s even worse when it’s all in your mind. It isolates you from the rest of the world; friends, family, work colleges. You smile to cover it up but everyone notices change, even if it seems small. Even then sometimes smiling doesn’t cover it up. I know people who when they went through their own hatred and had no hope in themselves turned to other methods of dealing with it which were more dramatic and left bigger battle scars both physical and mentally.

I have never self harmed. I have never missed a meal to look better in the mirror or threw up the family meal so I can deal with myself in the mirror. I have however ate to hide the pain. I have cried in front of a mirror. I have completely shut down and alienated myself from my friends. I have laughed when I wanted to cry. I have thought that the world would be better off without me. I have believed that I make no impact on other peoples life. I have bottled up my feelings that lead to an outburst. I have gone through stages where I can’t find one good thing about me. I have had times when my parents don’t understand. I have cried myself to sleep. I have seen myself as a monster. I have blamed myself for being bullied but I somehow survived.

Over this time I have built myself this industrial strength mask so that it doesn’t hurt when I am rejected or insulted. A mask to help me laugh it all of. A mask to help me through the day. My mask is beautiful to make me feel beautiful; my mask lets me be me, the me that never gets hurt. The mask to me is like a shield, hiding and protecting it’s holder. My mask hides and protects my weaknesses because I am weak if I show any emotion that isn’t passion or happiness. I don’t want to let people know I am weak. I want people to see me as a strong badass. The badass not as much but I want people to know my strength.

Eventually though someone says something and a crack appears on my mask and my weaknesses are hit. A tsunami of terror hits me. The little insult turns into this force that literally knocks me over and I am back into self loathing. All the climbing up the mountain of happiness, all the positive thoughts that took months to get too just disappear. I fall straight down the rabbit hole into some horrible nightmare, in which I cannot escape. It can take weeks, months to get back to the real world but after some time of falling and getting back up do you one day decide not to get up? One day do you finally give into your demons? Is there a point of no return?

I feel myself slipping back into this cycle again of falling and getting up and I am scared of the moment of no return. Will I stay alienated? Will I shatter mirrors? Will I inflict pain on myself? Will I eat until I burst? Will there be one less mouth to feed? That is my real fear.

The Future!

I find that the scariest thing in life is not the monster under your bed but in fact the future. Never knowing what the day after tomorrow will bring, what will happen to you in a few months time, whether you will be one of the winners or losers in life. The future is pretty scary stuff.

At the moment college is trying to force University down everyone throats and making it seem like that is the path you have to take. Now if you know what you want to do with your life then that is fine but if you, like me, have no idea what you want to do after education then you’re a bit stuck. If you’re not good or amazing at one thing then you are stuck also. I don’t want to go to University if I don’t know what I want from it. I don’t want to be in my second year at University and realise that the degree I have picked is not the degree for me. I don’t want to spend so much money on my education and realise I have gained nothing from it.

So much pressure is put on people to know what they want from the future. The future is so stressful. People asking me what family, job, income I want. Like how am I meant to know? I don’t even know what food I want for tea today let alone where I want to end up in ten years. How am I meant to say what job I want in the future if I have only experienced on of the possibilities that I wanted to do two years ago.

I change all the time. My mind changes all the time, so do my views. I don’t want children in the future but maybe in a few years I might want to pop children out like a tennis ball machine. I don’t know who I am going to be in 10 years. I could change for the better but I could also change for the worst. Who knows in fifteen years time I could be the next Hitler. Doesn’t that scare anyone? Not knowing who I am going to be keeps me up at night.

What happens if I am not friends with the same people I am friends with now? What if we lose touch and I never see any of the milestones that they go through? What happens if I am replaced? What if they people I love end up hating me? My friends are one of the most important things in my life. I don’t know what to do without them and thinking about a future without them sounds like hell. Loseing contact with my closest and dearest sounds like a death wish to me. I honestly have no idea what I would do without them.

In the future I could be anything and I guess that the unknown is a scary place. I could be a hobo at the end of your street, the person you cross the road to get away from. Tomorrow could be the start of my downwards spiral but tomorrow could also be the start of a better life. No knowing what I want to do stresses the hell out of me. Not knowing whether I will find happiness in the future makes me question every act I have done. The future is a scary place which is always one second away.

Yes I’m a Feminist. No, I don’t burn my bras and think all men are below me.

So today quite a controversal topic came up in history, feminism. It shouldn’t be a controversal topic but somehow on the way to trying to achieve equality feminism has been quite miss matched and has been labeled as woman who hate men or just women who want double standards. Which it completely isn’t, if anyone tells you that’s what feminists do then they are completely wrong. Women who hate men and women who want double standards in there favours are not feminists. Feminism means wanting equality. So why did I feel ashamed to admit that I am a feminist?

Feminists have quite a bad name. Some of the blame of this must be advocated to Ti-Grace Atkinson for women to live by themselves without men, opt to lesbianism and celibacy. This is in no way shape or form feminism. How is separating all females away from males equality in fact it is the complete opposite. This is treating both sides as animals which would tear each other apart if they were near. Feminism means being equal whether you are female, male or transgender. Does Ti- Grace Atkinson sound as if she wants equality? To me she doesn’t.

Many people believe that feminism only works one way, it’s for the females but oppression works both ways. Us females aren’t just discriminated against males are too.  I know places where they only hire females as waitresses and will give a male an interview but will never hire the male over the female. Now does that seem fair? If it was the other way round it would be discrimination and the law would probably get involved if it was highlighted. Why isn’t this highlighted? Men are still discriminated against too, equality is not needed on one side of the sex but on both. This is why we need feminism.

Women who rape men are not given the same sentence as a man who rapes are female. That is not fair. Rape is rape and should not be done under any circumstance. Males being raped are often not publicized either so how will we ever push the boundaries of sexism, if many men do not know that they can indeed be raped. It is also horrible how a woman who is the victim of rape has the blame pinned on her. As if the clothes you wear make a guy go “she’s asking for it even if she says no”. The lines are not blurred, if a man or a female say no to sex they mean no! Rape needs to the same sentence, rape is rape no matter who it happens to. This is why we need feminism.

Many women who are against feminism talk how females have done enough now and that we can just scurry home and cook for a bit. Women have achieved a lot for themselves yes but females have a long way to go until a female feels as though she is equal to a man. I know I have been discriminated against some points in my life, I know I’m going to be discriminated against when I go for jobs and most of the things I do in the future. How can people not see this and just accept discrimination against them? It’s not right. We need to wake up. Women do not get the same pay as a man would do in the same position and only 1% of women own the worlds property. Doesn’t that seem wrong to you?

There is a glass ceiling above our heads whether we know it or not. We are all discriminated against one way or another. Our media and society trick us into believing we are all equal and have freedom but we are more in cages than ever before. J K Rowling published Harry Potter under that name because they thought a female writer would not sell. A man can not be feminine or else he is seen as girly. Men who have lots of sex are legends but females are sluts. Females and males may have more human rights than we did a hundred years ago but the minds hold us back. Our own society telling us what is the right thing to do according to your gender role instead of doing the right thing never minding who you are.

This is what feminism is. Feminism is having equality no matter your background, gender, sexuality, culture. It is wanting the glass ceiling being broken and us being able to see discrimination in its true form. We need to open our eyes. I do not burn my bras for my rights or see myself above overs for what I believe in. I see myself as being equal to everyone else. So I will put my hand up and say that I am a feminist

My New Years Eve Look.

I decided this year my New Years Eve look was going to be less glitter and more mysterious because New Years Eve is all about the death of a year and the rebirth of a new. No one knows what the future holds, the future is dark and mysterious. It’s not all sparkles and glittery, it’s not always positive the future like it is portrait in the media. It’s mysterious, quirky, a dark kind stranger you could say. The future inspired my New Years Eve look and is perfect to rock at any party, whether it’s next New Years Eve or just a meal out. This look suits nearly everyone.

new year 956 new year 966 new year 962 new year 964


The dress is a dip hemmed dress from Boohoo.com. This lovely black dress took me ages to find. I always loved the idea of short at the front and long at the back dress but these kind of dream dresses are one of the hardest thing to find on the high street and one you actually like. It took me all summer to find this little beauty. I teamed this dress with my Alien Tatoo  tights from Dolls Kill.com. I love this website, it sells such cool and edgy couture clothes. If you like to be outgoing with your outfits I would look there. I found this website thanks to a vlogger called Grav3yardgirl. If you haven’t watched her before, I would say turn to youtube now and find her. Give an alligator it’s wings! The shoes are a pair of suede Toms that are ankle boots. I got these in the sales, they are so comfy and amazing. When the weather gets better I’m going to be living in them. The necklace, well pendant is from a local artist called Love Libby who does quirky jewellery like this. I just put the pendant on a long chain because I love long chains. I feel strangled by short chains.

My make up is simply a Khol eyeliner that is a thin line on the top eyelid without a wing. I used Bourjois Paris , Khol and Contour. Then I put on a tiny bit of blusher to give me some colour. If you have pale skin like me, blusher is a must rather than bronzer. Bronzer just doesn’t match my skin but blusher gives me a nice glow. I used a MAC blusher in colour Satin, which is a pinky rose colour. I love red lips. Red lips give any look a classy vintage look. Everyone suits red lips, you just need to get the shade right. Some people suit a orangy red whilst others suit a pinky red. When buying red lipstick you need the shade to go nicely with your skin. If you buy the wrong shade of lipstick it can instantly bring down your outfit. The lipstick I used was MAC’s Brave Red. This red is very red like blood-red red and suits pale skinned people nicely. This shade is very adventurous and is amazing for bold personalities.

So this is what I wore for New Years Eve. I hope you liked it. Whats best about this look is that you can mess about with it and create loads of looks by making other items the main focus. In the future I’m going to wear the tights with shorts and a plain top. I’m going to wear the shoes with skinny jeans and a black jumper for a laid back look. You can make so many outfits with picking different sections and mixing it up. A pick and Mix if you will. I hope you all had an amazing New Year and an even better 2014!

Jess xx

How to survive: the Sales!

If like me you love a discount then you have probably tried to shop in the January sales. I love shopping in sales, if I am in the mood but sometimes sales can be a bit too aggressive and over time I have learnt what to do and what not to do in sale. Hopefully this article will help you survive another sale season and sales to come.

Rule #1: Don’t shop in the sale on the first day!

I know you want to get the best deals first before everyone else, but it’s normally better to go a few days after the sale has started. Yes, some of the clothes might have gone but after a few days they mark down the sale once again so that you get an even better deal. Normally aswell the shop doesn’t have time to remark down the sale items so it’s quite a nice surprise when the cost is cheaper than expected. They want to get rid of clothes as quickly as possible so normally it’s better to wait the sale out.

If you go into the sale a few days after it has begun it is normally not as busy as the first day. In going in a few days later you will miss out on assaulting angry women in shopping mode as you try to wrestle every one of the 25% off leather bag you have had your eye on. Normally on the first day everyone has an adrenaline rush so will buy whatever is on sale no matter whether it is not the right shape/ size/ or just plain horrible. The shops know that people will panick and buy anything that is why they put out that horrid tee-shirt you thought you saw the last of two years ago. Going when the first sales happen will make you stressed and will make you spend more money as you intended to spend. Also if you want to take anything back that you bought in the sale most shops give back what the current marked price is. This means you could possible lose money. Later is normally better.

Rule #2: Sometimes online is better

Certain shops are known for their sale. This means that their sales are normally the most violent and worthless to go to since when you get there later everything good is gone. Our Next a few days into the sale looks like a ghost town leavening a trail of oversized clothing that nobody fits that even the ravenous blood thirsty deal hungry women has left. One of the pack howl in pain, “the new stock is in”. This is normally after a few days. Shops that sales go quickly in, you miss altogether. You do not want bruises from trying to get through the packs of women and some men trying to find a good deal.

So instead shop online. Yes you can’t feel the material or know what size you are but if you find out what is going in the sale then you can pick out what you want online. Normally in shops you can tell what is going to be in the sale, if not ask a sales assistant. Most of the time they will tell you. If you see what you like and it is going to be in the sale, try it on find your size/fit. Then on the first day of the sale order it online. Simples. You get the clothing you wanted and at discount. As well in sales normally the websites lower postage costs so you can get a good discount on postage if you don’t like to forge out for posting. Still it should be better than the original price.

Rule #3: Stay calm and sometimes walk away

Some shops give little discount and hope that you will buy since there are big red letters saying “SALE”, if you don’t like the discount walk away and wait. If you forget about the clothing then you don’t really want it you just want the “SALE”, if that makes sense. Most shops start with little discount to get as much profit as possible. I have seen sale items that literally have no discount off, they are still full price. Why? It’s so stressed people who have been shopping all day will quickly pick it up thinking that it will either look good on them or make a nice present.

In sales it is important to stay calm. If you get stressed you will buy anything and everything. Crowds of people stress me out in shops, more so now that I work in a shop. Unfolded clothes that look scruffy and thrown in a pile stress me out. People who don’t put back clothes properly stresses me out. “The mens apartment is no room for a dress also the dress is half price this is the new collection!”, I want to shout at many people in sales. I can get very stressed in sales and when I do, I feel like a random killing spree is a good idea. I mustn’t be the only one here, am I? So when I get stressed I try to go get a coffee or a hot drink. Tea calms me down so much. Or even having a break by getting a long lunch helps. It means you don’t have to shout above the crowd to talk to your friends and it gives you a fresh mind when you go back into the sales.

Rule #4: Start Early

Shops are normally quietest in the morning when they first open. So to avoid the crowds I would try to go shopping just before the shops open so that you view the new discount first. Also when it is a quiet shop the shop assistants are normally more willing to help and have your full attention. When a shop is busy it is hard to keep to one customer, so when it is quiet you will get better service and it will be quicker as well.

When shops are quiet they are stress free since there is no pushing and shoving on the sale racks and everything just seems more peaceful. It is such a nice environment to shop in. You also don’t feel as though you need to buy everything so no one else can have it. You feel more relaxed and end up having a better time shopping just because you woke up a few hours earlier. You might be tired but coffee is always good.


So there are my top 4 tips to survive the sale. If you follow these rules hopefully you will survive the sale rush and will not be caught in the sale blizzard. I cannot say that the sales will be a calm experience if you follow these rules but they sure do make the whole shopping experience better. Have fun in the January sales and all future sales

Jess xx


2014 is going to be the year…….

2013 has been quite a wild year for me, fun but quite mad at the same time. I have picked some pointers on what would make this year even better. I’m not going to call them resolutions because I actually want to achieve them and that it is not the normal resolutions people would see and read. Guys I’m sorry to tell you I’m not going to try to get fit. Instead I am putting a list together of what I am going to do. It sounds a lot more positive, don’t you think?

I am going to love and be loved in return, whether this is with friends and family or showing kindness to strangers. I’m going to try to make the world a better place for at least one person. Everyone deserves happiness. Hopefully with my love I will gain love in return and happiness. I might even fall in love, who know? I certainly don’t.

This year I am going to be more determined. This means I am going to try harder at everything I do whether it is college, work or my blog. I want to achieve everything at my full potential. This may mean sacrificing socializing time but sometimes you have to sacrifice what you love to move forward in life. I’m not going to be a student forever, I do need good grades to get where I want to go. I’m not even going to be in the same job as I have now forever, I might as well be as good as I ever will be at it. My blog, is my little baby. Every post my blog grows stronger and so does my writing style. I love having a voice so I might as be as loud as possible.

2014 is going to be the year I have fun aswell. I’m going to find the perfect balance between work and pleasure. Whether it is a break in a film or I work towards a holiday in the sun. I’m going to have fun this year whoever I am with. I’m going to try to gain happiness and hopefully give someone else happiness if only for a few seconds. I am a massive goof ball so it doesn’t take long until I make someone laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and also the best way to have fun.

I’m going to walk more. I know it is a weird one but walking clears my head and I live the countryside. Which means I get beautiful views wherever I walk. I only need to walk for five minutes and I am in the great English countryside surrounded with beauty. I’m hoping walking will give me inspiration, whether it is through the weather or the everyday people you walk past. I want to be inspired by my surroundings and staying in my room will not inspire me as much as the real world.

Traveling, is going to be one of my aims this year. I want to see bits of the world that you don’t see from a coach. I want to go to a hardcore festival, enjoy the sun or cold with my family, book my first holiday with my friends. I want to put my footsteps all around the world. I want to feel the wind on my face or see the life of another in a culture I am yet to understand. I want to discover. I am going to discover.

Yes, losing weight, exercising more, finding a boyfriend, becoming louder, shopping less, eating chocolate less are good resolutions but they won’t gain you experience. They might not even gain you happiness like you wish it had. A New Year Resolution is made for you to feel happier about yourself but these will not make you feel happy, they might for a bit but the memory won’t. What will make you feel happy is love and adventure. Even if it is the tiniest giggly or finding a new coffee shop. These qualities just add to your personality and give you a good story. I’m just adding experience and happiness to my personality. I’m going to reach for my own stars and hopefully in doing so I will have the best year ever.

2013 Has Been the Year…….

So 2013 has been quite a big year for me. I don’t know if it has been the best year of my life so far but it has been quite a good year. There are many things that I wish hadn’t happened in my year but at the same time I am grateful that they have happened. It’s built character and has changed me for the better in most cases. I have grown up quite a lot in the past year thanks to my experiences. So what exactly has happened……..

I left my secondary school and started afresh at sixth form.Leaving my secondary school behind has been quite a big step for me. In a way I miss the idea of secondary school but I do not miss most of the people who went there. I know I have left some people behind but I did try to stay in contact. I left secondary at the right time for me. I felt like I needed the change and I certainly did. Since starting at sixth form I have felt like I can be myself all the time and that I do not have to conform to what people have expected me to be like. So far at sixth form I have met some wonderful people and I hope to met a lot more.

My blog was created. Around May was when I first started this blog but I didn’t properly start writing articles until around Juneish time. This blog has been quite a big thing for me because I feel as though I have a voice amongst the crowd. I feel as though I am heard. Also reflecting on your experiences is very theropudict for me so writing a blog sometimes comes naturally. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t blog, where else would I write meaningful stuff whilst posting a load of stuff on my take on fashion.

This year I went through a miniature depression. Thankfully this was just before my GCSE’s. In my miniature depression I felt worthless and unloved. I felt as though the world in which I knew was being torn from me. I used to just sit in my room and cry. I felt ugly, fat and most of all I felt as though I didn’t belong anywhere. At the end of this depression I came out a lot more blunter and I grew up a lot. It also let me gain sympathy towards all kinds of people. I felt as though I was in hell at the time but I came out a better person.

The people who have been evolved in my life are the best people ever. Yes, I have my ups and downs with them but I honestly do not know what I would do with my closest friends. They have helped me through so much and I have helped them through life in return. I honestly do not know who I would joke, cry, scream (yes we sometimes scream, yes we are sometimes those girls), laugh, sing and dream with. We go through so much together yet so little. I will die happy if I die having the same friends as I do today. They have really mad my year. I even went to Florida with one of my closest friends whilst the others are either inspiration to write about or help me write my blog. I honestly would be lost without my nearest and dearest.

My travels have also been the main focus of my life this year. I have been to Nice, Paris, London and Florida within this year. I have had a fabulous time in all four places. My family and my friends have been an amazing companion for my travels. I have seen so many beautiful places and landscapes that have truly taken my breath away. I have been to two of the Happiest Places on Earth (Disneyland and Walt Disney World) and met so many happy faces along the way. I loved seeing the Magic Kingdom on Halloween it was truly stunning and magical. Paris was such a beautiful place full of romance behind each and every corner. I could see why it was the city of love. Nice was just beautiful, I could just walk around Nice and be in awe of my surroundings. The shopping there was also amazing. Florida was just another thing all together. It was my first time in America and I saw what the American Dream really was. It was such a good experience. London was the same as always…..brilliant. West Side Story took my breath away, the singing the dancing. Everything about it was amazing. It was amazing seeing one of my favorite musicals on stage.

Family has also been one of the main focuses on my life this year. Without my families support I don’t think I would have made it through my exams. Let alone reach for my dreams, even if my parents say that journalism is a dying profession. My family has given me the determination to follow my dreams and reach for the stars. My family is some of the best people who you have ever met; quirky, funny, lovely. I am so privileged to have the family that I do. Even if we are in different continents or dotted all around England. I give you all the best wishes for 2014, you all deserve it.

I have also seen the best band ever in my eyes, Scouting for Girls. They were truly amazing and inspirational to watch. I might have fangirled a little too much but it was worth it. Seeing them live was utterly amazing. I might have annoyed some people with my screams but oh well. I had fun. I also spent that night with my closest and dearest. I couldn’t have asked for better company as I watched my favorite band. I will never forget being the only person as well as my friend Rachel singing Rains in LA and kind of fangirling at the same time because it was my favorite song.

This year has been utterly brilliant. Even the small events have been amazing; prom, shopping, fashion, bonding, reading. If 2014 is even a fraction of how good 2013 has been I will be happy. Roll on 2014!


Winter Look book!

Hey honeybuns, I hope you all had a good Christmas. Now I know I promised you all a look book before Christmas but the holidays caught up to me. I’m sorry. Since the sales are on now, I figured it would be best if you liked any of the outfits to buy them now. Just think of it as a late Christmas present from Auntie Jessy.

So let’s begin with the show…….

Outfit 1: Christmas Shopping

This look is perfect to go shopping in winter in. It’s warm, comfortable, fashionable and perfect to wrestle in. We all know how violent sales can get. Especially if you are the average size. With this look layers are important. What else is going to keep you warm! So a jumper or sweatshirt is a must have. If like me you hate the green parker jacket, that is owned by nearly the whole female population, opt for a cute duffel coat instead. A duffel coat adds effortless class to every outfit. Fact! Winter woolies are also a must have. Invest in good quality beanies, hats and gloves and you can reuse them year after year. Woolies never go out of style and never will for as long as we have winter. From experience the best woolies are from Marks and Spencers. Marks and Spencers are known for being quite a grannyish shop but recently M&S have uped their fashion. Now their look is for all ages, which is the best thing ever!

winter lookbook 002 winter lookbook 003 winter lookbook 007winter lookbook 010


To achieve a casual shopping look I have used a pair of cute ankle boots from Topshop, which have been my main statement piece all through winter. They are cute yet practicle for everyday life. Exactly what I look for in a boot. Next is a pair of burgundy trousers which kind of look purplish on these photos. Coloured trousers are perfect to add colour onto the high street and also perfect if you want to wear basic shades (white,black, grey) in winter. Coloured trousers can be worn by all ages and still look effortless and chic. My little black jumper is from Urban Outfitters. I love Urban Outfitters because they put a little twist on traditional clothing to make the piece of clothing to look original, quirky and different. They did no different to my little sweatshirt. By adding lace in a flower pattern to the top of the sweatshirt, they turned a plain boring black top into a cute stylish chic sweatshirt. Amazing! This sweatshirt looks effortless yet stylish with everything. To top this look off I added a cute sandy coloured duffel from Boden and a wine coloured beanie hat from M&S. I love the beanie hat because it has fleece in the inside to keep your head warm all day. To accessorize this outfit I added my Etui London bag. These bags are amazing and are only sold in two Topshops in London. The top of the bag is made of vintage leather found in London whilst the bottom of the bag is printed with new leather. This means that every bag is a one-off piece. Perfect to add a quirky difference to your outfit which is cute and classy.

Outfit 2: Rocking around the Christmas tree

This look is perfect for casual or formal functions. You can rock this little dress anywhere guaranteed. I wear it everywhere; college, parties, meals out. It is the wear everywhere dress. Perfect for every wardrobe. I wore this look to be worn when family comes home to put up the tree and to have Christmas together. Now Christmas is over it can be worn to a News Years Eve party or just to a family gathering. Also since this dress is quite bold it’s good not to team it with any accessories at all and just to let the dress do the talking.

winter lookbook 015 winter lookbook 024 winter lookbook 014


This cute little dress is from Boohoo.com and would hopefully be in the sale by now. Like I said before this gorgeous dress with a beautiful rose pattern is perfect for many events and looks perfect with a black pair of tight. I paid about £20 for this dress but it is totally worth it. It’s just a beautiful dress to wear perfect for the party season.

Outfit 3: The Christmas Party

This look is for a party with your friends. It is bad but tame at the same time, it shows your personality without you even having to say a word. This look is one of my favorites everyday of the week, it can be turned casual or can be partied up depending on where you are going. It’s such a perfect outfit.

winter lookbook 026 winter lookbook 028 winter lookbook 046


OK, for this outfit I shall start at the ears. These sparkling ears are from Walt Disney World and are one of my best perchance by far. Look how cute they are. I think you can get these ears online by the Disney store but if not treat yourself to a holiday to Disneyland just to treat yourself to the ears. the jumper is just a cute thin knitted jumper which I got in the Hollister sales. You can by jumpers like this from anywhere if you look hard enough. The shorts that I am wearing are a pair of tartan shorts from the Jack Wills outlet. Tartan is in at the moment so it shouldn’t be hard to find shorts like these. Since they are from the outlet I think by now Jack Wills would have sold out. Sorry guys. The tights are a pair of bamboo tights, which are thicker and comfyier than normal tights whilst being better for the environment, I found this particular pair at my local TX Maxx, at the moment they should have a lot of bamboo sock in the store since they were perfect for stocking fillers. The fluffy socks were a present I got last Christmas and are from New Look. Most fluffy socks like this should be in the sale right now.

Outfit 4: Time for a warm beverage

This outfit is perfect for shopping and getting a coffee out or perfect for staying in all day to drink tea and gossip with the besties. Anyhow this outfit is comfy yet highly fashionable. The envy of every hot chocolate orderer. I love meting my friends for a Costa and this outfit is one that I would wear again and again for this event. The skirt makes it look chic and the cardigan makes it look effortless and thrown together. It is what I always look for in an outfit.

winter lookbook 051 winter lookbook 054 winter lookbook 060 winter lookbook 063


To achieve this look I used a cardigan from Dorothy Perkins, which would hopefully now be in the sale. This cardigan is amazing to make any outfit look laid back. It is one of my saviours. I quite like a clashing print instead of using the colour block style which is quite in at the moment. To get to the clashing prints I used two completely different prints that bases were both nature. The top is from Cath Kidson and is beautiful and comfortable to wear. This top makes anyone feel beautiful, with its beautifully designed frame and patter. The little details on this top is amazing. The skirt is from Topshop. I love this skirt because it has these lines down the front to make you look skinnier and to give you more of a structured fit. the pattern is also beautiful. The length is also perfect on this skirt. I normally find it hard to buy skirts and dresses because I have quite a big bottom but with this skirt the length in the back is a comfortable stop that I don’t have to worry if I am showing off my pants. Which is always a plus! All together this look is easy to pull off yet cute and chic.

These four outfits are a perfect mixture of what I am wearing this winter. The four outfits can be mixed and matched to create loads of different yet fabulous looks. you could pair the sweatshirt with the skirt to get a floral fusion. Or the jumper over the top of the dress to get a flowy but warm look. I hope this look book gives you inspiration to try your own looks that are chic, quirky and matches your personality. Thanks to Georgia and Frances that helped me get all of these fabulous picture.

Happy Holidays

Jess xx

I Need More Time

Recently I have began to realise that I just don’t have enough time for anything. In between balancing work, college and a social life, I have been neglecting my blog. Which is tres bad. There is just not enough minutes in the day anymore. I have so much to write yet not enough time to write it. Even when I do, I end up feeling pressured and stressed and end up procrastinating to tumblr and before you know it, it’s midnight and i need to be up early the next day for work. Life at the moment is quite stressful and hard.

Thanks to my job I have finally gotten round to buying myself a NUS card. If you did not know a NUS card is a card for students that give you discount in about everywhere. So this means that know I have money and discounts which will hopefully lead to more fashion articles being published by me. Recently I have bought way too many clothes so I will be putting them into use for a Winter Lookbook hopefully just before Christmas. I will be doing the Lookbook just before Christmas so that if you see something that I am wearing that you quite like you can order it or buy it in the sales. You see, thinking ahead there.

Also before Christmas, I shall hopefully have up my blog about going to Paris which happened in October. Opppps! I was going to put it up as soon as possible but life got in the way. I have many stunning photos and exciting stories to tell you of my trip. I also need to give you all the advice on going to Disneyland on Halloween. It was so much fun but tres crowded.

College is a lot different to secondary school, for one the homework is more. Most of my free time is going towards doing my homework which is a shame because my writing has to suffer. Hay ho though, my education is important and I do need it to get where I want to go in the future. Doing well at college is one of my main priorities at the moment. Even this week I have been through hell and back whilst doing all my mock exams. I am literally hoping for the best. I revised but on some papers my mind just went numb. Everything I had learned decided to go on holiday , which was great. Hopefully in the New Year I would have learned to manage my free time.

I have so many plans yet so little time to do them. Can we just add just maybe another hour onto the day, please? It would mean less neglecting on my blog, more time to study and socialise and I might even get better at my job.