It’s an airport, not London Fashion week!

I have just gotten back from my holiday in Nice, which was tres  fabulous, and since I have been spending way too much time in airports I have noticed many things. One of these things is that no man can ever look masculine with a Louis Vuitton handbag and the other is that women really like to look good at airports. Why?

If I am on a flight no matter how far I want comfy, I certainly don’t want to be dressed for the catwalk. It’s impractical, not that comfy and you wouldn’t be allowed to keep those beautiful designer heels if the plane went down.

Also most of the time you take of your shoes once you’re in the flight anyway, to let your feet breathe. You don’t need to, it’s only an hour and a half flight, about the same time as a film! If you wore a pair of comfier shoes that are still in fashion, like a pair of cute sandals or a pair of converse you wouldn’t have to keep putting your shoes on then taking them off.

What is with some peoples clothing choices. Yes, I guess we are in a hot country but those itsy bitsy shorts are going to give you frost bite in England. Yes, I get you have just got back from Ibiza but why are you wearing a outfit only for nightclubs, nobody wants to see that in daylight. Who are you trying to please?

No one cares what you look like! It’s the only place in the world where no one cares about your outfit because, we are all to stressed about where our boarding tickets are, where we put our passport and where the hell is our plane! We have no time to think “damn that’s a nice outfit”, or congratulate you for wearing very high heels to an airport.

Unless you are a celebrity who is about to get her/his face over every magazine once he/she walks out of that cabin door, you do not need to look your best. You will never see any of these people again, don’t worry. Also no one looks there best on a flight anyway, it’s the natural airport look. Don’t mess with it.


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