A Little Bit of Kindness Goes A Long Way!

So today, I went to the local bank to put in some money, this was my first time. You would have been able to tell that it was my first time by the look on my face or by the fact I had no idea how to use the machine. It certainly didn’t help that the woman who was behind me was tutting and huffing, at my slowness.

The woman behind me, lets call her Miss Smith, was huffing and puffing as well as foot tapping as soon as she came into the bank as if she was more important than the other customers who were also waiting for the cash point . She acted as though she should be waltz to the front of the queue because she was more important as us dear mortals. Look Miss Smith if you act all high and mighty in a queue you will never end up succeeding in your purpose to make people go faster. FACT! Instead you will make the front person, in this instance me, go slower. People forget that the person at the front of the queue have all the power. They can make you late for that important meting with your boss, they can make you late for the bus, these queues can decide your fate. I wouldn’t mess with the person that could stop me from getting to point B from A. So why annoy the queue leader.

I have never heard such load huffing and puffing from this Miss Smith. Like do you need an inhaler or something? Do we need to get you a doctor to see you to that deep breathing because that can’t be healthy? No, you just want the people in front of you to go quicker. Well, I would get you an inhaler but I would certainly not rush myself for someone who treats me like dirt on her shoe.

So many times whilst I was putting in money I wanted to turn around to her and say something but I didn’t because I treat people with a bit of dignity and decided to take the higher ground, unlike one lady.

Toe-tapping is only allowed in two places in my mind, tapping out the rhythm to a piece of music or actually tap dancing. Miss Smith didn’t seem like a tap dancer so that was ruled out and there was no music playing in the bank, so what was she tapping at? Oh yeah she was tapping at me to remind me that I was taking too long in her mind to use a cash machine. Look love, there is no time limit to how long you can use a machine and pretending that in your mind there is will not make the rest of us, inferiors, quicken up. Sorry, your highness.

By the time one of us had finished at the cash point Miss Smith cried out a loud “finally” and went to use the cash point. This was taking the pie. Who did she think she was? Everyone else waited patiently in line, why couldn’t she. Oh wait I know because she is too good for us. The ground she walks on should be gold because her feet should never touch the filthy tarmac that we have to walk on. She shouldn’t even be walking she should be lifted everywhere because her feet shouldn’t touch the floor where people like us have stood. I forgot how high above me Miss Smith is.

Why she shouldn’t have to wait in queues, she should have her own cash point, but wait Miss Smith isn’t as high and mighty as me. She is a human being like me. We are exactly the same. We are equal. Remember this people, because kindness doesn’t cost a thing but rudeness could cost you a lot more down the line.  You wouldn’t want a Miss Smith behind you so why be one!


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