Fan fiction?

I read and watch a lot of things that are in fandoms. These fandoms are there for you when your favorite character dies in the tv show, movie or book you are watching or reading. You can fan girl with these fandoms over the actor who is playing the character in the new film adaptation of the book. Sam Claflin playing Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, OH MY GAWD!!! Or just be there for a new fan, that has just been put through the pain of George Weasley’s death, but is it alright to write fan fiction.

I know it is hard to continue life after reading a good book series, but the author has left the ending there for a reason. You should not write about the future of these characters. I believe only the author should because we do not know all of the character the author writes about only what he/she wants us to know about that character. It is hard to duplicate exactly the same character from a book into fan fiction because we do not know that character as well as the author does. Even if you have read the book series ten times.

We all ship certain characters together that never came properly together in the tv series, book or film and that can be hard to deal with if you are a hard core fan. Writing fan fiction might be a harmless way to get those two characters you have always wanted to be together, be together. It is not ok though to make this fan fiction another version of 50 Shades of Grey. If there is no scenes of a sexual nature in the film, book or tv series then don’t write one. They are PG or a 12 for a reason. Some innocent fan might be scared for life because of your dark work.

One thing I am always against, is fan fiction about actual people. Am I the only person that finds this not right! Treating these people like characters in a book is not right. They are real people like you and me. We should treat them more like real people. If people started writing fan fiction about me shipping me with my best friend, I would be absolutely horrified . This would be the exact same reaction if celebrities came across fan fiction about themselves. One example of this is Larry supporters. Louis and Harry from One Direction have completely changed how they act in the public eye because they fear that fans would over react. I am not a One Direction fan but I feel sorry for these people because they feel as though they can’t be themselves in public for fear of there own fans reaction.

Fan fiction can be harmless, if used correctly. If fan fiction is used as a support system this would be perfectly fine. I mean by this that it is ok to write about how in your mind a story should have gone. Wether that is making your favourite character not die, sparking a romance you always wanted or simply just writing a after story, but please keep this to yourself if it is not rated PG. Fan fiction about minimal characters are also fine, but please if you are writing a Hobbit version of 50 Shades of Grey don’t publish it onto the Internet. No one wants to read that.


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