The Wing Woman!

I don’t really get noticed by boy’s. I know what you are thinking, ” but how you are so pretty” even though you have never seen me in real life before. I could be a total mong and you wouldn’t even know. I thought though teenage boys were meant to be walking raging hormones. At least one guy must find me attractive. No, I guess I shall have to start buying my cats now then. 

I have a friend though. She is beautiful; tall, blonde, funny, everything a guy would want, and she is always in a relationship or has guys interested in her. At the moment she has a boyfriend but they both have agreed at the beginning of September they are going to brake up because they are going to different colleges. I have always admired the way she can get with a guy. She has a charm, that she doesn’t even know she has. It’s brilliant!

I am unfortunately the complete opposite of my friend; small, brunette, goofy, and not very pretty. I have literally no charm. I think I sometimes scare the opposite sex. So it can be hard for me because my friend has such a good love life when mine is none existence. 

Today her inner charm shone. In other words, she pulled! I on the other hand had to stand there like a lemon. Not knowing what to say or do. I was her Wing Lady: the friend who makes the cute girl look good whilst she is talking to the lads. Thankfully though by the end of the day I could actually say a sentence to these ‘lads’ but it was only about where my friend has gone.

Like most super heroes though my friend is scared of her powers. She is literally one of the shyest people, I know. So talking to a big group of guys is hard for her. That’s why she has me. Somebody there to make her feel a bit more comfortable than awkward. She needs a Wing Woman.

Being the Wing Woman is great but sometimes I wish that a guy would actually take interest in me. Am I really that revolting? I know we live in 21st century and I should try to get the guy but it would be nice to know that a guy has actually taken notice of me. My friend keeps saying that I will find someone, but will I? How will I ever get noticed though? 

I guess I could walk around with my boobs out but that isn’t me. I could wear denim underpants. I could wear a pair of cheap disco pants and a crop top, but I would look revolting and not feel like myself.  Would I even get noticed then? Or if I do get noticed just get the wrong attention. 

I want to know how she does it. She would tell me if she knew, but she doesn’t know . I guess it’s natural. Or she has a bit of Irish in her. Sometimes I wish I was her, but I like being me. I guess I am Wing Woman. 


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