Can you not post that picture?

The other day I was just scrolling through Facebook until I got attacked. Attacked by that girl who posts, day by day pictures of her, doing the same pose with a tag along the lines of, “omg so bored”. Look I don’t care about how, non existence your life is. Write a winy tweet about it. Don’t clog up my Facebook.

Everyone has that one friend on Facebook, who likes to take up the news feed  with a new picture of themselves everyday. The only difference in these photos will be that her outfit has changed. This woman, (because it is often women, well teenage girls) will post a picture under some obnoxious tag. These are some real examples that I have witnessed: “OMG I’m so ugly”, “OMG so bored”, “OMG I’m smiling” and the “OMG no make-up” tag. This tag is the most annoying because most of the time this girl has  more make-up on, than a drag queen. Am I the only person that gets annoyed at these tags?

The thing is I can’t block or un-friend this, “I’m so original” wannabe. Why, because she has some physic power to find out, if she has been un-friended or blocked on Facebook, and will make it her mission to make sure you re- add her as a friend or unblock her on Facebook. She will find you even if you are in the most isolated places in the world.

I could ignore her but it is like trying to ignore that screaming baby on a nine hour flight journey. You just can’t do it! Instead you will have to just scroll as quickly as you can to get away from her.

The day’s she can’t upload a picture are the most blissful days ever. It is nice not to see her face pop up an my news feed, but she has found a way to get your attention. You guessed it, she is just going to share one of her old pictures. No matter how many times you share one of your past pictures I will not like it. You will not be getting my thumbs up!

Normally this picture has some kind of pout linked into it. This pout normally looks like the girl is wanting to look sexy, but it doesn’t work. Instead you just look like some kind of birded creature. This look does not look good, you look horrendous. So just stop, now!

None of her ‘friends’ will tell her this though. Mostly because they all secretly hate each other or are too much up each others asses to notice how messed up their friendship is. You can tell this because their comments turn into:

friend: OMG your so pretty!

her: no your so pretty

friend: no your so pretty

her: no your so pretty

And so on. It is like they copy and paste each others comment. Gosh, just think of something else to say other than, “OMG your so pretty”.

Also these girls don’t know there you’re and your’s which makes them more annoying.

If you are one of these people. You do not need to post a picture on Facebook everyday. Why do you think instagram was created? It was created for your need to post a picture of yourself on the internet. Use it, stop annoying everyone, who is friends with you on Facebook. Your not just doing yourself a favour but, you are doing everyone everyone else a favour. Don’t Facebook it, instagram it!


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