GCSE Results

So today I finally got my GCSE results. Before I went I wasn’t as nervous as I should have been. I kept telling myself that they were just words on a piece of paper and they wouldn’t make me a failure at life, but all that went out the window when I got my results. Yes, I was one of the weirdos that cries at there results.

They weren’t the worst results I could have got, but I got two D’s instead of two C’s. This was in French and Music. It took me hours to feel better about my results, because these were two of the subjects I tried hardest in. I redid coursework. I revised until silly a clock in the morning. I practiced until I spoke French in my sleep, and I still didn’t pass. I felt as though I wasn’t enough. I felt as though I had failed life.

Now, I know my life is just beginning, but when I got my bad results. I just thought for a moment that I would never amount to anything because of these two D’s. I know it’s silly but for the past two years I have tried so hard to pass these two subjects. Knowing, that your best is not enough hurts.

The rest of my results were ok though. Thank goodness! I got four B’s, two A’s and a distinction. Not the best in the world, but I am not the most academic person in the world. I worked my butt off for these results. At the time I thought they were not that good, since most of my friends are brainiacs and just got A*’s, A’s and B’s. I did what I shouldn’t have done and compared myself to other people. I didn’t realise that this was my personal best. The hours I worked did pay off. This is the best I could ever do.

My friends are naturally clever, whilst I have to try to succeed in anything. For me to get the same mark as some of my friends in a test. I would have to revise for a week, whilst they could just look at the notes in the morning and still pass. I should have known better than to compare.

The one result that shocked me was Btec Drama. At the beginning of year 10, I was barely passing drama and then my overall grade in drama was a Distinction, which, is like an A. Like how did I even do that? The only piece that was any good was my last performance. Which I will always remember, because no one clapped after I had finished. I had to tell them my performance had finished and still no one decided to be polite and clap.

Looking at the bottom of the page there is all the grades on your coursework and exams. This is a learning curve for me, because I have realised that most of my grades have been brought down because of my coursework. Coursework is meant to be easier for people with dyslexia, because you don’t have to remember anything, and you have spell check. In my case though overall I did better in my exams. In History I got a B overall, I got A’s in both exams and a B in coursework. This shows that at sixth form I need to work on my essay skills.

Today, I have realised that GCSE’s are just a stepping stone, onto your next step in education. Whether that is an apprenticeship, a diploma or A levels. It will not decide your future. It will not decide whether you are a failure or a pass in life. It is just judging you on your last two years of school. Getting an F in music will not stop you being a hairdresser. Getting an E in RS will not stop you being a firefighter. Getting a U in anything will not stop you gaining your full potential. My future does not rely on these results and neither should yours.


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