My Weekend in London

So last weekend I went to the lovely London with my family to go and see West Side Story and shop. The weekend was amazing, and I bought way too many clothes. The food, the sights, the divergence, you cannot beat London.

We set off on Friday morning at about six in the morning. Which was horendous because I had been to a party the night before, to celebrate my friends birthday and our results. Thankfully though I wasn’t hung over, or else I don’t think I would have made through the day. The train ride was ok, not the best train I have ever been on but that blog is for another day.

After we all got there it went a bit wrong. The thing about my family is that they all have to be right. Now that is fine in there area of expertises, but in London they all thought they knew the right way when they have never been that way before. This was the start to many heated arguments on the street. I swear we looked like the most angry tourists ever! Well, that’s the Yorkshire man for you.

All we did when we got to London was hang about and argue over where everything is. I swear one time my parents and brother were arguing over how the London map was wrong, it’s not there for no reason. We went to Covent garden, looked at the stores.  We walked up to Leicester Square, we decide to see a film, they bickered over the film. In the end we booked tickets to see Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones, which I will be writing a review for. Then we walked down regent street. The bickering got so bad once they were actually shouting in the street it was so embarrassing.

The next day though was a bit better thankfully. We decided to go to Harrods.  The funny thing about Harrods is that the bottom floor is the busiest then the rest of the shop is like a ghost town. When we got to the top floor, there was literally no one there. This was the Pet floor. As we excited the lift we had to walk past the pet spa to get to something or other, and I swear I have never seen anything as glamorous as that for a pet. I mean they get treated better than most humans.  As I was staring at the doggy massage beds, my dad decided to put on his best tour guide voice, “And that is where they do the experiment”. I was half gob smacked and half on the floor in hysterics.

We spent most of the day in Harrods. Which was quite fun, as we excited I saw the most beautiful thing in the world, a decent sized Topshop. It overwhelmed me. I had to go inside. I shall say two things about that Topshop. One, is that I bought too much and two if heaven was real, that is what it would look like. I went a bit Topshop mad. This was a new experience for me because the Topshop back home is very small. It sells a bout a quarter of Topshops products and is cramped into such a small space. Whereas the one in London was big and spacious, making the shopping experience calmer and easier to browse. I could live there, if the sales assistants let me.

That night we went to see West Side Story. It was just WOW! The dancing, the singing, the songs, the accents, the acting, it was all incredible. By far one of my favourite musicals. If you live in a cave and don’t know what West Side Story is, it’s basically Romeo and Juliet set in America after World War 2 when immigrants were free to move across to America. This story tells of two gangs the Jets and the Sharks, one is an American gang who is angered at the arrival of the immigrant gang. It is truly an amazing musical. If you have never watched it before buy the film, it is amazing! You won’t be guilty of this purchase.

West Side Story, was during the last night of our stay in London and the next day we made our way home, on the train from Kings Cross Station. I did not know this but there is actually a platform 9 and 3/4. Actually it was a photo opportunity, but it was pretty cool and next to it was a Harry Potter shop. My inner geek just erupted. I fangirled over everything! I ended up buying a Hufflepuff mug and a platform 9 and 3/4 tee shirt. I don’t think i will ever wear the tee but I just had to have it.

I enjoyed London and I cant wait to get back. It’s just so different from where home is now. In London even if you don’t belong you still belong. All walks of life are accepted and i think that is amazing. It was a truly wonderful weekend.


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