The story of when my life turned into a musical for five minutes?

To get to most places where I live, the easiest option to get there is to use the train. My friends and I used to use the train to go for a day out in York, every so often. Getting the train was easier than getting a bus. Often the train journeys were quite easy-going. We would listen to music or gossip about everything and nothing. One train journey changed it all . This was the moment when me and my friends became extras in someone else musical.

The trains were busier than normal that day since it was just after Christmas and everyone was ready to hit the sales. When we got on the train to York, we had to sit on the floor or lean next to some luggage because there wasn’t enough room on the train, for us to sit on the seats. As the train lunged on, we started doing what we normally did, talk. When all of a sudden the cart went quiet, a women in her early twenties got out of her seat, and decided to preach to us.

She started with the basics, her name, where she was from and then her whole life story came out. Turned out this girl had depression after her dad died and tried to drown herself. She was saved. Then after that, she got through her depression with her family and friends help, but now she was running away from home. Why? Because her and her mother had an argument and her mother bit her. I shall repeat BIT her. I don’t get why this was an excuse to run away from home but it was.  Guess the woman didn’t want to be a vampire.

She went on about her treacherous life, for a few more minutes, before starting to discuss her future plans. Her plan in life was like most people’s, it was to become rich and famous, by doing nothing. The only thing I loved about her statement though, was the response from one of the other travellers.

Young Woman: (Bragging) By the time I reach 25 I will be the wealthiest people in the country.

Angered Yorkshireman: No you won’t!

Young Woman: (Shouting) You don’t know me!

Well love, you have just told us your life story. I think we know you very well by now. Many people with your goals often die trying to reach fame and fortune. These people often gain their fame by doing something ridiculous. For example, stripping on live tv, or doing something embarrassing in public. It’s not right to have a goal like this.

Unfortunately she went on. This woman stated how a Buddhist woman was brave for believing in her religion. Like, what? Being brave is not following a certain religion. No one would hold anything against her because of her religion. Being religious does not make you brave. Being brave or achieving braveness is completely on the actions you choose, not your beliefs.

This woman though kept going, to our amazement. Nothing would stop her now, and she wanted a sing-song. Great! This wasn’t any song though this was a song she wrote whilst she was in depression and was about herself getting better. She started off singing. This was the moment where she was going to shock us with her amazing talent but no, this was the moment where she shocked the carriage, with her lack of talent. She sounded like a whale, dying. The woman got into the song though, and decided it was time to move along her crowd. She moved through singing to each and every one of us.

I was trying not to laugh, but my friend, lets call her A, was in full-blown hysterics. It was just too much for her. My other friend, call her B, was trying to get A to stop laughing.  B’s failed attempts made me laugh way too hard. She was getting closer to use. We stopped and held our breaths. The dying whale passed us, we breathed out a sigh of release.

She turned though at the end of the carriage and tried to make her way back up the carriage. When half way up to her seat she was stopped by the ticket master. She stopped singing and stood still.

Woman: What is your name?

Ticket master: Michael

Woman: (grabs Michael’s hands and bows down to his hands) I shall stop singing now Michael

The woman went back to her seat, leaving a stunned Michael to get back to his job, and us a great story to tell. If the woman is reading this, where did you get your pink blazer from, it was beautiful!

The next time we got the train to York we were in a bigger group. We were telling out friends about us being extra’s in this woman’s musical. When all of a sudden we saw the ticket master.

Me: Is that Michael

A: No, it can’t be

Me: It looks like him.

(The ticket master approached)

Me: ( Looks at badge) His names Michael

A: Excuse me were you the ticket master on the train where that woman sang?

Michael: Yes! I hide at the end of the train for the rest of the way, after that experience.


We have not seen Michael again, after this experience, but we keep this story close to our hearts. It is one of the most surreal moments of my life. It was like being in a Disney film, where the Heroine sings of her dreams, and we were the peasants she sang too. She was truly a real life musical.




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