Why, a simple lipstick can change your life!

I wear a lot of makeup. I am not going to lie and say how i have naturally beautiful skin. I don’t, neither do many people. For people who don’t wear makeup, or people who just don’t know how to properly use makeup. I am looking at the wannabe tween clowns here. They do not truley undersatnd how much a simple lipstick can do.

It is hard finding your colour. This is the colour that you can wear everyday, that just suits you. There are too many brands and if you are new at makeup shopping, you can be lost. That is why before you try to find your colour you should think, what do you want to show. Do you want to be bold, classic, a bit rocky. Then think, what colours would they go into this personality. For example, if you want the classic lipcolour go for a red. Everyone suits a red lipstick, you just need the right shade.

The next step is, what brand should I use. This is where you look in the local beauty shop to see what companies sell what. Every makeup brand is different, they all have different goals and produce different cosmetics based on there goals. I have found out through experiance that Revlon sell makeup for the classic retro look, whereas Barry M sells makeup for the bold and modern look. You should buy through a brand  that is your look. If I want to be bold I wear my cute berry coloured Barry M lipstick. Whereas if I want to have the classic red lips and cat eyes eyeliner I wear my Revlon red lipstick. Whatever brand you go for, you can never be wrong.

So now I know how to get the perfect lipstick for me, how does it change my life? I have found that adding a simple lipstick can make your outfit look stunning. Adding a lipstick can make you look beautiful for that date, or even adding a nice lipstick to a casual look can send you from a geek in a tee to fashionesta. It is the easiest and quickest thing to do, if you want to upgrade an outfit.

I feel most confident when I like the outfit I am in. This is why I hated school uniforms. Most uniforms are, a fashion don’t and uniforms always made me look frumpy. If I added a cute lipstick on a school morning, it would make me feel instantly more confident. Most of the time adding something small can boost your self esteem and lipstick does that for me.

I am an honest believer that the right lipstick can completly change your life. It can make you more attractive. It can give you more confidence. Little things can be big steps. You feel more confident, so you talk to that cute guy thats checking you out. You feel attractive, so you smile more and more people find you approachable. That boost of confidence, can help you find a job. That is why a simple lipstick can change your life.


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