The First Day

Today, well yesterday was my first day at Sixth Form. I’m counting today, as the first day because, yesterday I spent the whole day learning how to be a good student. Not that I had to learn how to be a good student for my GCSE’s or anything. Today was the first day we had lessons, so I am going to count today as my first actual day.

Sixth Form actually wasn’t that bad. I didn’t get stuffed in a bin, that was quite good. Actually I thought sixth form was amazing, it was so laid back. The lessons were also interesting, and it’s nice to be in the same room as people who are actually interested in the subject. I really enjoyed my day.

I also talked to people. I had a new confidence that I never had when I wore my school uniform. Unless my confidence is from my lipstick. Well we will never know. I talked to people though, real people. It’s hard to talk to people you haven’t met before, and I did it. I was hugged like twenty times today. It was mint. I bonded with people over how we all fell up the stairs, twice, not one conversation about falling up the stairs but I had two conversations about falling up the stairs. Life doesn’t get better than this.

I think I found it so easy to talk to everyone, because we were all in the same boat. We knew hardly anyone in our classes, and if they don’t look like they will bite then they probably won’t. Hopefully. It made everyone actually put effort to met new people. Also you were louder when you met friends of friends, so you could make them as your friends. Everyone was just nice. Everyone will probably be bitches by the end of the week, but it will be nice as it lasts.

The only hassle with sixth form is food. The queues are so God Damn long. I ended up scanning the queue for people I knew then cutting the queue saying I was with them. Works, every time. It’s just the canteen is so small for such a big sixth form. In the end, I ended up buying a sandwich and had it outside. It’s always nice to have a little picnic.

I panicked for most of the time thinking I would get lost. I didn’t. Make on the back for me! Although I did look like a fool, looking at my map every five seconds. I still found all of my classes. Unlike one of my friends who went to the wrong class room and had to be directed to the right one. Bless her! I knew it would happen to one of us.

Hopefully, it will keep getting better. It just seems, like you belong. I didn’t feel like I belonged at secondary. I had a horrible uniform, I didn’t feel that comfortable, and I wasn’t very confident. I feel confident here. I can see myself here. It’s quite a nice feeling. I feel like I fit in. Like, I said today was amazing, hopefully it will get better.


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