One word, Pedestrians!

Little fact about me, I hate pedestrians. I am a pedestrian, i just hate other pedestrians! It’s good to know that you can walk and be active and all that, but do you have to annoy everyone in the prosess. I mean pedestrians are one of the most annoying people on the Earth.

One thing that annoys me,  is when the pedestrian, actually don’t know where they are going. I call these people the Ditherers. These people like to go on a stroll everywhere and anywhere, and like to get in your way. After about five minutes being stuck behind the slowest mover on Earth, I have seen snails move faster than some people, they decide that they need to go in the other direction. They turn around and nearly knock you out. Then they give you dirties, like you are in the wrong. Well love, before you set off on your journey, think where the destination actually is. This will save you being hated by the pedestrians behind you.

Another thing that pedestrians do is just stop. Just stop. They just decide to stop. It’s as though they have hit an invisible wall. They just stop, in the middle of the pavement. Why? They just stop for like five minutes then decide to start walking. They don’t even change direction. They just stop. The thing is though you always end up walking into them and end up making a conga line of people who have walked into each other. Why, did you need to stop? Why?

Pavement hogers are also near at the top of my list of Most Annoying People. What has condemned you to take up all of the pavement? You are by yourself you do not need the whole of the pavement. These pavement hogers also like to do the slower than a sloth walk. There is no way to overtake these people. Being stuck behind these people, feels like someone taking your soul away slowly so the pain hurts more. I would rather be kissed by a dementor than walk behind one of these people.

Slow walkers, I swear they are going to be the death of me. They just ruin my day. I bet these people wake up in the morning and think, you know what I am going to do to make everyone late I am going to walk really slowly so they all hate life mwhahahahaha. It’s just plain evil. People say to me, ” They don’t do anything wrong,”. They don’t do anything wrong. Are you sure? They walk at the slowest pace, ever in the history of the Earth. If I am running late or I need to get somewhere. I do not need someone walking at the slowest rate known to man. If you are a slow walker and decide to walk in front of me, I will push you out the way.

As you may be able to tell. I hate pedestrians. If you are a pedestrian, and do any of theses things, one word of advice, don’t do these thing. People will hate you and push you out the way. Just stop doing it, you are the most annoying people ever.

Some tips for you pedestrians out there, that do these things. If you do need to stop, because of something or other, move out the way. If you like to hog the pavment move to the side and share. If you are a slow walker, speed up. I don’t care if you have to jog, just speed up. I hope you take these tips on board. You are saving peoples sanity one step at a time.




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