5 Reasons Why I Would Love to be a Disney Princess

I went to Magic Kingdon Summer and I realised how much I would love to be a Disney Princess. Like, who wouldn’t. Also I have been having Disney withdraws recently. So, these are my reasons why:

1) The gorgeous dresses:  In my opinion Disney Princesses are one of the best dressed cartoons out there. I mean who wouldn’t want Cinderella‘s beautiful ball gown or Belle’s wardrobe. Also each Disney film represents beauty from the time realise so well. For example Snow White with the short hair and red lips represents beauty in the 1930s. The people who create what Disney Princesses wear is truly inspiring. They always get the outfit right. The Princesses just dress amazingly!

2) The Happily Ever After: Each fairytale story ends in and they all lived Happily Ever After. Wouldn’t it be amazing if life was like that, you met your soul mate and you go running off into the sunset but no Prince Charming is normally a frog and life gets in the way. Disney makes it seem so easy for you to met your true love and be happy. If only life was a movie.

3) The Story: Each Princess goes on an adventure, and often finds out who they really are. Normally in the mean time they find the love of their life. Ariel finds out she belongs on land. Mulan battles against the Huns and saves the Empire of China, and Rapunzel finds her real family. The only person who doesn’t really go on an adventure is Princess Aurora, she slept for most of the film! I would love to go on adventure and by the end I finally see the light and know who I am.  I find it truly magical.

4) The Singing: Each Disney film is a little musical in itself. Wouldn’t it be amazing, if in life you could burst out singing about your hopes and dreams. You could sing about your plans and nobody hears you. You could dance whenever you felt like it. You could sing of true love’s kiss. Someday your Prince would come. unfortunately if you did sing a lot in public you would be taken away in a straight jacket. I believe it would be amazing if though that life was a musical, wouldn’t it be more fun?

5) Being a Princess: I mean who wouldn’t want to be a Disney Princess. It’s every females dream, no matter how old you  are! Actually when I was a kid I wanted to be in X-Men. I was a weird child. Getting back to the point though, every Disney Princess seems to have it sussed; You have a dream, you achieve your dream, you met the love of your life, end of story. When in fact in real life that doesn’t happen. Half the time I don’t know what my dream is! Being a Disney Princess just seems to be amazing, life in cartoon just seems better.

Those are the reasons why I want to be a Disney Princesses, and probably the reasons why many people want to be a Princess. Don’t lie to yourselves, everyone has wanted to be a Princess at some point in there lives. Disney if you are reading this, please make my dreams come true and make me a Princess. I’ll sing and everything!


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