A Week of Fashion as a Student: Monday

This week I have decided to blog everyday with an outfit that I wore to college that day. This is my first time doing anything like this before, so please be nice or give me tips if you are into fashion blogs. Today’s look was more of its Monday and I can’t be bothered but a bit more stylish. I wanted my look to be casual laid back and cool. Perfect for an Autumn day and comfy enough to get you through college. With all of my outfits I like to wear what I am comfortable in, it makes me more productive and laid back. Its better to be comfortable than wearing the most stylish clothes. mcfly 044 mcfly 040 mcfly 041 mcfly 042

This look is inspired by my initials. The letter J, of course. The tee is from American Apparel, it’s unisex, comes in all sizes, and costs £22.00. Tip: if you sign up to the website you get 15% off your first purchase and it’s quite nice getting an email from them about the newest styles and sales. The cardigan is from Dorothy Perkins. This gorgeous cardigan is going to become one of my essentials in winter. I just love a good knit! The cardigan was £20 but is now in the sale at £18. Also if you are a student Dorothy Perkins accepts  NUS cards, student cards, so you can get an extra discount. The jeans are from Espirit, which is one of my favorite places to buy denim jeans from. Each pair I own are amazing and comfortable. They unfortunately don’t sell these jeans anymore, but I recommend any jeans from there. The boots are from Johnnie B, which is a teen range inside Boden. Johnnie B @ Boden is perfect for basics at affordable prices and cute shoes. They don’t stock these boots anymore but they have shoes and boots with the vintage feel like mine do. Most of their boots as well are made out of leather so you get your moneys worth out of the shoes. These boots go with anything. They are a wardrobe must have. The ring is a scrabble ring from a local shop in my hometown.  This shop also doesn’t stock the Scrabble Ring anymore but there are many places online that sell, these iconic rings. This ring upgrades any outfit and makes the outfit personal. My humble backpack is from Truffle Shuffle, truffleshuffle.co.uk. It is literally one of the best bags ever to carry folders in. Instead of poppers like there is on most old school backpacks there are buckles, this gives the bag quite a vintage feel and it is harder for people to open the bag. This bag come in quite a few colours but you can not but my colour anymore. These bags though are priced at £34.99 but the bags are good quality and size. This backpack is one of my wardrobes best friends.

So this is todays outfit. I hoped you liked it. I think this outfit is going to become one of my Autumn favorites. Its warm yet stylish and laid back. It is perfect for a Monday at college or University.


2 thoughts on “A Week of Fashion as a Student: Monday

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