A Week of Fashion as a Student: Wednesday

Today’s outfit has some vintage inspiration. I love the vintage feel of my cardigan but I decided to play it down with a plain black cami and a pair of jeans. To give it a tiny bit more vintage spirit I wore my worn brogues with the outfit. The last touches were hair and makeup. I decided to do my hair in a messy bun to give it a laid back but classy look, and my makeup was inspired by the 1950s pin ups. This meant red lips and lots of eyeliner. Unfortuneatly in the photos you do not see my red lips because these photos were taken after college.  This outfit though has a laid back vintage feel, perfect for college, work, shopping and any occasion. The laid back vintage look, looks good on anyone, fact!

wednesday 007 wednesday 004 wednesday 011

The cardigan is from Monsoon, but they do not stock it anymore. If you want a cardigan like this I would look in charity shops for a vintage cardigan or I would look into finding a shop with quite a vintage feel to the clothes to find something like this. The cami is from New Look and is priced around £9.99. New Look also uses NUS cards so you can get extra discount there. The only thing wrong with this cami is that it can be a bit see through so I would wear a black bra under this. The jeans are the same jeans from yesterday. I only did this so I can get my wear out of the jeans before they go into the wash. The brouges are from Clarkes and are priced around £54.99. This might seem like a lot of money but these shoes are made out of good leather and they last forever. I have gotten my wear out of these babes, espicially since they go with everything! This pair of shoes are probaly my favorite pair of shoes they are comfy and can class anything up. A truely wonderful buy.

That is today’s outfit. I hoped you enjoyed. Till tomorrow



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