A Week of Fashion as a Student: Friday

Today’s outfit is celebrating the weekend. The weekend, the time of week when you aren’t at college. I decided this outfit needed a tiny bit Booho influences, whilst being relaxed at the same time. I haven’t worn anything that is bohemian all week, normally I go down that route or the vintage look. This outfit is perfect for college, university or just going around in. It is feminine and sexy whilst being classy. It is warm and perfect for Autumn.

I also had to base my look on what I could wear to the fair, which had come to my hometown for the past week. I was going that evening and I wanted to be able to wear the same thing to the fair, and to my friends for a movie night afterwards. This outfit is perfect for those cold Autumn nights and will look brilliant with a beanie and a pair of mits for Bonfire Night. This outfit is super comfy yet stylish.

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The top is from Urban Outfitter and was in the sale for £14. This top is perfect with any cardigan. As you can see the back is very strappy. I was thinking the top would look perfect with a bralet on underneath to give some texture in Summer. I just loved this top from when I first saw it. I love the exotic patter and the warm colours. I loved it even more when it was reduced from £28 to £14. Also Urban Outfitters accepts NUS cards, which means extra discount. It’s amazing! I mean who doesn’t love 50% off. The cardigan is the same cardigan I used earlier in the week and is from Dorothy Perkins at  £20. The jeans are from Next but to achieve this look you could use any pair of skinny jeans. This look would even look good with black skinny jeans. The brogues are from Clarke’s and are £54.99. Even though these shoes can be seen as being quite pricey they are made of leather and if you look after them they will last forever! It was raining all Friday so I added an umbrella instead of a rain coat to up the bohemian vibe. Also adding an umbrella can give quite a heritage look to the whole outfit

That is today’s outfit and the last of ‘A Week of Fashion as a Student’. I hoped you enjoyed all the outfits. If you haven’t seen all of this weeks outfits, just click on the Beauty and Fashion category and it will take you to all my fashion posts. Thank you to my friend Georgia who has let me use her beautiful garden for all my pictures and another thank you to her for taking all the pictures for my blog. See I knew you took GCSE photography for something. Also thank you to my friend Natalie for putting up with me all week and helping out with props and my bags and just being there helping me. I couldn’t have done it without you two.

I do hope you have enjoyed todays outfit and I have inspired some outfits of your own choice. Till next time,

Jess xx



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