A Week of Fashion as a Student: Thursday

So in today’s outfit I wanted to step away from the skinny jeans. I love wearing my skinny jeans but there is a thing of wearing to many skinny jeans. So to spice things up I wore a denim skirt instead. This look was more about looking casual with a girlie twist. This look is easy to accomplish, and is a nice change from jeans. It’s also another way for ya’ll to wear a geeky tee, in a fashionable way.

thursday + friday blog pics 008  thursday + friday blog pics 007thursday + friday blog pics 006


So to achieve this outfit, I left the makeup to a minimum. Normally I wear a lot of makeup but for this look too much makeup can make you look like you are trying to hard. I used a cute little cardigan from Espirit, £39, to keep me warn and to help achieve this look. A simple black cardigan is needed for every wardrobe out there! The tee  is the 60’s version of Batman and Robin inspired by the tv show and is from truffleshuffle.co.uk. Unfortunately they do not sell this tee anymore, but on the website they have many Batman t-shirts like it and other amazing bits and pieces. The skirt is from Dorothy Perkins. This shop also doesn’t sell the exact match of this skirt anymore but they have skirts that are nearly the same to this skirt. If you don’t like the Dorothy Perkins skirt you could probably get a denim skirt from any shop on the high street. The tights are from Marks and Spencers, £3.50. I love the Marks and Spencer’s tights they are so comfortable! The boots are the same boots I used earlier in the week and are from Johnnie B.

That is today’s look, high fashioned geek! I hope you liked. Sorry that the blog post is a bit late. I have been tres busy this week. Till next time



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