Visiting Magic Kingdom!!!!

During summer I visited Florida with my friend and her family. Whilst in Florida we visited Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This was my first time going to the Magic Kingdom and I got to say it was amazing! Me, being a Disney addict and all, visiting Magic Kingdom was my idea of heaven! I wish I could live there.

We started the Magic Kingdom adventure the day before. We needed a game plan. We needed a plan so that we weren’t stuck behind the Brazilians (the story of the Brazilians is for a future blog post coming to a computer near you). Me and Frances, the friend I came to America with, stayed up the night deciding where to go and when. We knew two things; we were eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table at tea time and I wanted to try the famous Dole Whip. Before I came to Florida I read countless Disney blogs about the best way to do nearly everything at Magic Kingdom. You can never do everything it’s just too big! I took on board these tips and we decided everything from the root from Adventureland to if whether or not we were going to miss the Day time parade. We did miss the parade.

Arriving at Magic Kingdom, we were a bit late than what we wanted to be. We got there at 10. When you go to Magic Kingdom you can choose how to get from the car park to the park, Monorail or boat. We decided to go in the boat. It was magical! If you have to choose which transport to go on, I advice the boat. You got the most amazing views of the castle, whilst enjoying the five-minute rest before the stress of the crowds happen. The steam boat felt like the passage of our world into a fantasyland of Disney.

_MG_8705 (1) _MG_8708 (1)

Once there we entered the magical place and was greeted by the ‘Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party’. This parade leaves the song in your head for ages. Which is a good thing because it is a good song. The floats are vibrant and rememberable.

After watching the parade we made our way to Adventureland. The first thing we did was buy ourselves a Dole Whip. I bought the Pineapple Swirl with vanilla ice cream and I got to say it was amazing! I can see now why people call it the best snack in Magic Kingdom. It was truly delicious. After we ate the Dole Whip me, Frances and Penny (Frances’s mum) went on Alladins Magic Carpets. It took me and Frances nearly the whole rid to discover how the magic carpet lever actually worked. It was fun though. Me and Francis tried to met Alladin and Jasmine but they closed off the queue and wouldn’t let me step over the ropes to get in. Whilst in Adventureland I took Frances, Penny and David (Frances’s dad) on Pirates of the Caribbean. I have been on the one in Paris so I knew the ride, Frances, Penny and Davis however had never been on it. Even though they have been to Magic Kingdom like a million of times. The ride was amazing to look at and has a great story. For all you people who hate boats you also don’t get wet so you do not need your poncho for this ride.

IMG_8782 IMG_8785

Once we finished Pirates of the Caribbean we made our way up to Frontierland and Liberty Square. The first thing we did was to get a Fast Pass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. After we got this fast pass we decided to queue for Splash Mountain. David told me that I didn’t need my poncho for the ride because I wouldn’t get wet. I got wet. I was soaked and not amused. I won the bet but I looked like a drowned rat! It was a fun ride though one of my favorites. You just need a poncho. After me and Frances debated whether or not we should met Jessie and Woody. We didn’t, but we watched the Country Bear Jambourin instead. It was cute, entertaining and Disney all over. I absolutely loved it! I would have gone back on it if we had time. Country Bear Jambourin made us all hungry so we got snacks and made our way up to the Haunted Mansion. Instead of going in the normal queue we decided to go into the interactive queue, which was so much fun. I loved all the puns on the graves. The amount of detail was amazing, it truly takes your breath away. The ride was very imaginative and fun. On the way out I noticed Rapunzel’s Tower and I kind of had a fan girl moment. The rest area made me feel like I was in the film.

IMG_8839 florida 2015 005 florida and stagecoach 070_MG_8813 (1)

Next we walked into Fantasyland. We entered through the new Rapunzel area. It felt as though you were in the actual film! in Fantasyland we went round the whole of the old Fantsyland. By this I meant the bit of Fantasyland which wasn’t in the new extension. It’s a Small World was amazingly catchy as always. The teacups were thrilling as always and we met Winnie the Pooh and Tiger. I was star struck! They were my idols when I was little.And no, they are not people in costumes. I will not believe it!

IMG_8891 IMG_8905 florida and stagecoach 088 florida and stagecoach 122

We were going to go all round Fantasyland but it was time for dinner and so we headed of to Cinderella’s Royal Table. The food was amazing! Meting Cinderella was amazing! Meting most of the Disney Princess’s’ was amazing! It was a truly magical experience, plus I got a wand. It’s not everyday you get a wand. The detail that went into the food and decor was amazing. I have never had a nicer Gnocchi! The best princess we met though and me and Frances agree was Ariel, she was so in character. She was amazing!

florida and stagecoach 130

After dinner we made our way to Discoveryland to ride Space Mountain with our Fastpasses. That was a fun ride! Bumpy and uncomfortable at times but fun. Once in Discoveryland we also rided the Tommorowland’s Speedway, where we learned that I should never drive. We did a walk around Discoveryland then we went into te new Fantasyland. We didn’t have time to ride much in the new Fantasyland but we met Donald and Goofy. Frances had a massive fangirl moment whilst we met Donald Duck and told him how much she loved him. That’s love when a sixteen year old girl declares it for a cartoon character. Bless her she was starstruck. We also walked past the Beauty and the Beast village on our way to watch the Electrical Parade. Yet again I fangirled. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite films.

florida and stagecoach 151 florida and stagecoach 153

Of we went to find a good place to sit to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade and the Disney film Montage on the castle. The Parade was amazing, whoever thought of the floats needs a medal. They are stunning! The time and effort that must have gone into those floats . They looked amazing. It was a magical experience. After the parade the film montage went onto Cinderella’s castle. Now that was something to see, it was amazing. It took my breath away and I will admit it I did cry. It was just so overwhelming.

I loved going to Magic Kingdom. If you ever have the chance to do it I recommend it. It’s just so magical and amazing. Words cannot excribe the experience you gain there. I loved every minute. I would go there again with a skip of a heartbeat!

IMG_9045 IMG_9070 IMG_9127 IMG_9143 IMG_9194 IMG_9203


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