I Need More Time

Recently I have began to realise that I just don’t have enough time for anything. In between balancing work, college and a social life, I have been neglecting my blog. Which is tres bad. There is just not enough minutes in the day anymore. I have so much to write yet not enough time to write it. Even when I do, I end up feeling pressured and stressed and end up procrastinating to tumblr and before you know it, it’s midnight and i need to be up early the next day for work. Life at the moment is quite stressful and hard.

Thanks to my job I have finally gotten round to buying myself a NUS card. If you did not know a NUS card is a card for students that give you discount in about everywhere. So this means that know I have money and discounts which will hopefully lead to more fashion articles being published by me. Recently I have bought way too many clothes so I will be putting them into use for a Winter Lookbook hopefully just before Christmas. I will be doing the Lookbook just before Christmas so that if you see something that I am wearing that you quite like you can order it or buy it in the sales. You see, thinking ahead there.

Also before Christmas, I shall hopefully have up my blog about going to Paris which happened in October. Opppps! I was going to put it up as soon as possible but life got in the way. I have many stunning photos and exciting stories to tell you of my trip. I also need to give you all the advice on going to Disneyland on Halloween. It was so much fun but tres crowded.

College is a lot different to secondary school, for one the homework is more. Most of my free time is going towards doing my homework which is a shame because my writing has to suffer. Hay ho though, my education is important and I do need it to get where I want to go in the future. Doing well at college is one of my main priorities at the moment. Even this week I have been through hell and back whilst doing all my mock exams. I am literally hoping for the best. I revised but on some papers my mind just went numb. Everything I had learned decided to go on holiday , which was great. Hopefully in the New Year I would have learned to manage my free time.

I have so many plans yet so little time to do them. Can we just add just maybe another hour onto the day, please? It would mean less neglecting on my blog, more time to study and socialise and I might even get better at my job.




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