Winter Look book!

Hey honeybuns, I hope you all had a good Christmas. Now I know I promised you all a look book before Christmas but the holidays caught up to me. I’m sorry. Since the sales are on now, I figured it would be best if you liked any of the outfits to buy them now. Just think of it as a late Christmas present from Auntie Jessy.

So let’s begin with the show…….

Outfit 1: Christmas Shopping

This look is perfect to go shopping in winter in. It’s warm, comfortable, fashionable and perfect to wrestle in. We all know how violent sales can get. Especially if you are the average size. With this look layers are important. What else is going to keep you warm! So a jumper or sweatshirt is a must have. If like me you hate the green parker jacket, that is owned by nearly the whole female population, opt for a cute duffel coat instead. A duffel coat adds effortless class to every outfit. Fact! Winter woolies are also a must have. Invest in good quality beanies, hats and gloves and you can reuse them year after year. Woolies never go out of style and never will for as long as we have winter. From experience the best woolies are from Marks and Spencers. Marks and Spencers are known for being quite a grannyish shop but recently M&S have uped their fashion. Now their look is for all ages, which is the best thing ever!

winter lookbook 002 winter lookbook 003 winter lookbook 007winter lookbook 010


To achieve a casual shopping look I have used a pair of cute ankle boots from Topshop, which have been my main statement piece all through winter. They are cute yet practicle for everyday life. Exactly what I look for in a boot. Next is a pair of burgundy trousers which kind of look purplish on these photos. Coloured trousers are perfect to add colour onto the high street and also perfect if you want to wear basic shades (white,black, grey) in winter. Coloured trousers can be worn by all ages and still look effortless and chic. My little black jumper is from Urban Outfitters. I love Urban Outfitters because they put a little twist on traditional clothing to make the piece of clothing to look original, quirky and different. They did no different to my little sweatshirt. By adding lace in a flower pattern to the top of the sweatshirt, they turned a plain boring black top into a cute stylish chic sweatshirt. Amazing! This sweatshirt looks effortless yet stylish with everything. To top this look off I added a cute sandy coloured duffel from Boden and a wine coloured beanie hat from M&S. I love the beanie hat because it has fleece in the inside to keep your head warm all day. To accessorize this outfit I added my Etui London bag. These bags are amazing and are only sold in two Topshops in London. The top of the bag is made of vintage leather found in London whilst the bottom of the bag is printed with new leather. This means that every bag is a one-off piece. Perfect to add a quirky difference to your outfit which is cute and classy.

Outfit 2: Rocking around the Christmas tree

This look is perfect for casual or formal functions. You can rock this little dress anywhere guaranteed. I wear it everywhere; college, parties, meals out. It is the wear everywhere dress. Perfect for every wardrobe. I wore this look to be worn when family comes home to put up the tree and to have Christmas together. Now Christmas is over it can be worn to a News Years Eve party or just to a family gathering. Also since this dress is quite bold it’s good not to team it with any accessories at all and just to let the dress do the talking.

winter lookbook 015 winter lookbook 024 winter lookbook 014


This cute little dress is from and would hopefully be in the sale by now. Like I said before this gorgeous dress with a beautiful rose pattern is perfect for many events and looks perfect with a black pair of tight. I paid about £20 for this dress but it is totally worth it. It’s just a beautiful dress to wear perfect for the party season.

Outfit 3: The Christmas Party

This look is for a party with your friends. It is bad but tame at the same time, it shows your personality without you even having to say a word. This look is one of my favorites everyday of the week, it can be turned casual or can be partied up depending on where you are going. It’s such a perfect outfit.

winter lookbook 026 winter lookbook 028 winter lookbook 046


OK, for this outfit I shall start at the ears. These sparkling ears are from Walt Disney World and are one of my best perchance by far. Look how cute they are. I think you can get these ears online by the Disney store but if not treat yourself to a holiday to Disneyland just to treat yourself to the ears. the jumper is just a cute thin knitted jumper which I got in the Hollister sales. You can by jumpers like this from anywhere if you look hard enough. The shorts that I am wearing are a pair of tartan shorts from the Jack Wills outlet. Tartan is in at the moment so it shouldn’t be hard to find shorts like these. Since they are from the outlet I think by now Jack Wills would have sold out. Sorry guys. The tights are a pair of bamboo tights, which are thicker and comfyier than normal tights whilst being better for the environment, I found this particular pair at my local TX Maxx, at the moment they should have a lot of bamboo sock in the store since they were perfect for stocking fillers. The fluffy socks were a present I got last Christmas and are from New Look. Most fluffy socks like this should be in the sale right now.

Outfit 4: Time for a warm beverage

This outfit is perfect for shopping and getting a coffee out or perfect for staying in all day to drink tea and gossip with the besties. Anyhow this outfit is comfy yet highly fashionable. The envy of every hot chocolate orderer. I love meting my friends for a Costa and this outfit is one that I would wear again and again for this event. The skirt makes it look chic and the cardigan makes it look effortless and thrown together. It is what I always look for in an outfit.

winter lookbook 051 winter lookbook 054 winter lookbook 060 winter lookbook 063


To achieve this look I used a cardigan from Dorothy Perkins, which would hopefully now be in the sale. This cardigan is amazing to make any outfit look laid back. It is one of my saviours. I quite like a clashing print instead of using the colour block style which is quite in at the moment. To get to the clashing prints I used two completely different prints that bases were both nature. The top is from Cath Kidson and is beautiful and comfortable to wear. This top makes anyone feel beautiful, with its beautifully designed frame and patter. The little details on this top is amazing. The skirt is from Topshop. I love this skirt because it has these lines down the front to make you look skinnier and to give you more of a structured fit. the pattern is also beautiful. The length is also perfect on this skirt. I normally find it hard to buy skirts and dresses because I have quite a big bottom but with this skirt the length in the back is a comfortable stop that I don’t have to worry if I am showing off my pants. Which is always a plus! All together this look is easy to pull off yet cute and chic.

These four outfits are a perfect mixture of what I am wearing this winter. The four outfits can be mixed and matched to create loads of different yet fabulous looks. you could pair the sweatshirt with the skirt to get a floral fusion. Or the jumper over the top of the dress to get a flowy but warm look. I hope this look book gives you inspiration to try your own looks that are chic, quirky and matches your personality. Thanks to Georgia and Frances that helped me get all of these fabulous picture.

Happy Holidays

Jess xx


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