2013 Has Been the Year…….

So 2013 has been quite a big year for me. I don’t know if it has been the best year of my life so far but it has been quite a good year. There are many things that I wish hadn’t happened in my year but at the same time I am grateful that they have happened. It’s built character and has changed me for the better in most cases. I have grown up quite a lot in the past year thanks to my experiences. So what exactly has happened……..

I left my secondary school and started afresh at sixth form.Leaving my secondary school behind has been quite a big step for me. In a way I miss the idea of secondary school but I do not miss most of the people who went there. I know I have left some people behind but I did try to stay in contact. I left secondary at the right time for me. I felt like I needed the change and I certainly did. Since starting at sixth form I have felt like I can be myself all the time and that I do not have to conform to what people have expected me to be like. So far at sixth form I have met some wonderful people and I hope to met a lot more.

My blog was created. Around May was when I first started this blog but I didn’t properly start writing articles until around Juneish time. This blog has been quite a big thing for me because I feel as though I have a voice amongst the crowd. I feel as though I am heard. Also reflecting on your experiences is very theropudict for me so writing a blog sometimes comes naturally. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t blog, where else would I write meaningful stuff whilst posting a load of stuff on my take on fashion.

This year I went through a miniature depression. Thankfully this was just before my GCSE’s. In my miniature depression I felt worthless and unloved. I felt as though the world in which I knew was being torn from me. I used to just sit in my room and cry. I felt ugly, fat and most of all I felt as though I didn’t belong anywhere. At the end of this depression I came out a lot more blunter and I grew up a lot. It also let me gain sympathy towards all kinds of people. I felt as though I was in hell at the time but I came out a better person.

The people who have been evolved in my life are the best people ever. Yes, I have my ups and downs with them but I honestly do not know what I would do with my closest friends. They have helped me through so much and I have helped them through life in return. I honestly do not know who I would joke, cry, scream (yes we sometimes scream, yes we are sometimes those girls), laugh, sing and dream with. We go through so much together yet so little. I will die happy if I die having the same friends as I do today. They have really mad my year. I even went to Florida with one of my closest friends whilst the others are either inspiration to write about or help me write my blog. I honestly would be lost without my nearest and dearest.

My travels have also been the main focus of my life this year. I have been to Nice, Paris, London and Florida within this year. I have had a fabulous time in all four places. My family and my friends have been an amazing companion for my travels. I have seen so many beautiful places and landscapes that have truly taken my breath away. I have been to two of the Happiest Places on Earth (Disneyland and Walt Disney World) and met so many happy faces along the way. I loved seeing the Magic Kingdom on Halloween it was truly stunning and magical. Paris was such a beautiful place full of romance behind each and every corner. I could see why it was the city of love. Nice was just beautiful, I could just walk around Nice and be in awe of my surroundings. The shopping there was also amazing. Florida was just another thing all together. It was my first time in America and I saw what the American Dream really was. It was such a good experience. London was the same as always…..brilliant. West Side Story took my breath away, the singing the dancing. Everything about it was amazing. It was amazing seeing one of my favorite musicals on stage.

Family has also been one of the main focuses on my life this year. Without my families support I don’t think I would have made it through my exams. Let alone reach for my dreams, even if my parents say that journalism is a dying profession. My family has given me the determination to follow my dreams and reach for the stars. My family is some of the best people who you have ever met; quirky, funny, lovely. I am so privileged to have the family that I do. Even if we are in different continents or dotted all around England. I give you all the best wishes for 2014, you all deserve it.

I have also seen the best band ever in my eyes, Scouting for Girls. They were truly amazing and inspirational to watch. I might have fangirled a little too much but it was worth it. Seeing them live was utterly amazing. I might have annoyed some people with my screams but oh well. I had fun. I also spent that night with my closest and dearest. I couldn’t have asked for better company as I watched my favorite band. I will never forget being the only person as well as my friend Rachel singing Rains in LA and kind of fangirling at the same time because it was my favorite song.

This year has been utterly brilliant. Even the small events have been amazing; prom, shopping, fashion, bonding, reading. If 2014 is even a fraction of how good 2013 has been I will be happy. Roll on 2014!



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