How to survive: the Sales!

If like me you love a discount then you have probably tried to shop in the January sales. I love shopping in sales, if I am in the mood but sometimes sales can be a bit too aggressive and over time I have learnt what to do and what not to do in sale. Hopefully this article will help you survive another sale season and sales to come.

Rule #1: Don’t shop in the sale on the first day!

I know you want to get the best deals first before everyone else, but it’s normally better to go a few days after the sale has started. Yes, some of the clothes might have gone but after a few days they mark down the sale once again so that you get an even better deal. Normally aswell the shop doesn’t have time to remark down the sale items so it’s quite a nice surprise when the cost is cheaper than expected. They want to get rid of clothes as quickly as possible so normally it’s better to wait the sale out.

If you go into the sale a few days after it has begun it is normally not as busy as the first day. In going in a few days later you will miss out on assaulting angry women in shopping mode as you try to wrestle every one of the 25% off leather bag you have had your eye on. Normally on the first day everyone has an adrenaline rush so will buy whatever is on sale no matter whether it is not the right shape/ size/ or just plain horrible. The shops know that people will panick and buy anything that is why they put out that horrid tee-shirt you thought you saw the last of two years ago. Going when the first sales happen will make you stressed and will make you spend more money as you intended to spend. Also if you want to take anything back that you bought in the sale most shops give back what the current marked price is. This means you could possible lose money. Later is normally better.

Rule #2: Sometimes online is better

Certain shops are known for their sale. This means that their sales are normally the most violent and worthless to go to since when you get there later everything good is gone. Our Next a few days into the sale looks like a ghost town leavening a trail of oversized clothing that nobody fits that even the ravenous blood thirsty deal hungry women has left. One of the pack howl in pain, “the new stock is in”. This is normally after a few days. Shops that sales go quickly in, you miss altogether. You do not want bruises from trying to get through the packs of women and some men trying to find a good deal.

So instead shop online. Yes you can’t feel the material or know what size you are but if you find out what is going in the sale then you can pick out what you want online. Normally in shops you can tell what is going to be in the sale, if not ask a sales assistant. Most of the time they will tell you. If you see what you like and it is going to be in the sale, try it on find your size/fit. Then on the first day of the sale order it online. Simples. You get the clothing you wanted and at discount. As well in sales normally the websites lower postage costs so you can get a good discount on postage if you don’t like to forge out for posting. Still it should be better than the original price.

Rule #3: Stay calm and sometimes walk away

Some shops give little discount and hope that you will buy since there are big red letters saying “SALE”, if you don’t like the discount walk away and wait. If you forget about the clothing then you don’t really want it you just want the “SALE”, if that makes sense. Most shops start with little discount to get as much profit as possible. I have seen sale items that literally have no discount off, they are still full price. Why? It’s so stressed people who have been shopping all day will quickly pick it up thinking that it will either look good on them or make a nice present.

In sales it is important to stay calm. If you get stressed you will buy anything and everything. Crowds of people stress me out in shops, more so now that I work in a shop. Unfolded clothes that look scruffy and thrown in a pile stress me out. People who don’t put back clothes properly stresses me out. “The mens apartment is no room for a dress also the dress is half price this is the new collection!”, I want to shout at many people in sales. I can get very stressed in sales and when I do, I feel like a random killing spree is a good idea. I mustn’t be the only one here, am I? So when I get stressed I try to go get a coffee or a hot drink. Tea calms me down so much. Or even having a break by getting a long lunch helps. It means you don’t have to shout above the crowd to talk to your friends and it gives you a fresh mind when you go back into the sales.

Rule #4: Start Early

Shops are normally quietest in the morning when they first open. So to avoid the crowds I would try to go shopping just before the shops open so that you view the new discount first. Also when it is a quiet shop the shop assistants are normally more willing to help and have your full attention. When a shop is busy it is hard to keep to one customer, so when it is quiet you will get better service and it will be quicker as well.

When shops are quiet they are stress free since there is no pushing and shoving on the sale racks and everything just seems more peaceful. It is such a nice environment to shop in. You also don’t feel as though you need to buy everything so no one else can have it. You feel more relaxed and end up having a better time shopping just because you woke up a few hours earlier. You might be tired but coffee is always good.


So there are my top 4 tips to survive the sale. If you follow these rules hopefully you will survive the sale rush and will not be caught in the sale blizzard. I cannot say that the sales will be a calm experience if you follow these rules but they sure do make the whole shopping experience better. Have fun in the January sales and all future sales

Jess xx



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