My New Years Eve Look.

I decided this year my New Years Eve look was going to be less glitter and more mysterious because New Years Eve is all about the death of a year and the rebirth of a new. No one knows what the future holds, the future is dark and mysterious. It’s not all sparkles and glittery, it’s not always positive the future like it is portrait in the media. It’s mysterious, quirky, a dark kind stranger you could say. The future inspired my New Years Eve look and is perfect to rock at any party, whether it’s next New Years Eve or just a meal out. This look suits nearly everyone.

new year 956 new year 966 new year 962 new year 964


The dress is a dip hemmed dress from This lovely black dress took me ages to find. I always loved the idea of short at the front and long at the back dress but these kind of dream dresses are one of the hardest thing to find on the high street and one you actually like. It took me all summer to find this little beauty. I teamed this dress with my Alien Tatoo  tights from Dolls I love this website, it sells such cool and edgy couture clothes. If you like to be outgoing with your outfits I would look there. I found this website thanks to a vlogger called Grav3yardgirl. If you haven’t watched her before, I would say turn to youtube now and find her. Give an alligator it’s wings! The shoes are a pair of suede Toms that are ankle boots. I got these in the sales, they are so comfy and amazing. When the weather gets better I’m going to be living in them. The necklace, well pendant is from a local artist called Love Libby who does quirky jewellery like this. I just put the pendant on a long chain because I love long chains. I feel strangled by short chains.

My make up is simply a Khol eyeliner that is a thin line on the top eyelid without a wing. I used Bourjois Paris , Khol and Contour. Then I put on a tiny bit of blusher to give me some colour. If you have pale skin like me, blusher is a must rather than bronzer. Bronzer just doesn’t match my skin but blusher gives me a nice glow. I used a MAC blusher in colour Satin, which is a pinky rose colour. I love red lips. Red lips give any look a classy vintage look. Everyone suits red lips, you just need to get the shade right. Some people suit a orangy red whilst others suit a pinky red. When buying red lipstick you need the shade to go nicely with your skin. If you buy the wrong shade of lipstick it can instantly bring down your outfit. The lipstick I used was MAC’s Brave Red. This red is very red like blood-red red and suits pale skinned people nicely. This shade is very adventurous and is amazing for bold personalities.

So this is what I wore for New Years Eve. I hope you liked it. Whats best about this look is that you can mess about with it and create loads of looks by making other items the main focus. In the future I’m going to wear the tights with shorts and a plain top. I’m going to wear the shoes with skinny jeans and a black jumper for a laid back look. You can make so many outfits with picking different sections and mixing it up. A pick and Mix if you will. I hope you all had an amazing New Year and an even better 2014!

Jess xx


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