Yes I’m a Feminist. No, I don’t burn my bras and think all men are below me.

So today quite a controversal topic came up in history, feminism. It shouldn’t be a controversal topic but somehow on the way to trying to achieve equality feminism has been quite miss matched and has been labeled as woman who hate men or just women who want double standards. Which it completely isn’t, if anyone tells you that’s what feminists do then they are completely wrong. Women who hate men and women who want double standards in there favours are not feminists. Feminism means wanting equality. So why did I feel ashamed to admit that I am a feminist?

Feminists have quite a bad name. Some of the blame of this must be advocated to Ti-Grace Atkinson for women to live by themselves without men, opt to lesbianism and celibacy. This is in no way shape or form feminism. How is separating all females away from males equality in fact it is the complete opposite. This is treating both sides as animals which would tear each other apart if they were near. Feminism means being equal whether you are female, male or transgender. Does Ti- Grace Atkinson sound as if she wants equality? To me she doesn’t.

Many people believe that feminism only works one way, it’s for the females but oppression works both ways. Us females aren’t just discriminated against males are too.  I know places where they only hire females as waitresses and will give a male an interview but will never hire the male over the female. Now does that seem fair? If it was the other way round it would be discrimination and the law would probably get involved if it was highlighted. Why isn’t this highlighted? Men are still discriminated against too, equality is not needed on one side of the sex but on both. This is why we need feminism.

Women who rape men are not given the same sentence as a man who rapes are female. That is not fair. Rape is rape and should not be done under any circumstance. Males being raped are often not publicized either so how will we ever push the boundaries of sexism, if many men do not know that they can indeed be raped. It is also horrible how a woman who is the victim of rape has the blame pinned on her. As if the clothes you wear make a guy go “she’s asking for it even if she says no”. The lines are not blurred, if a man or a female say no to sex they mean no! Rape needs to the same sentence, rape is rape no matter who it happens to. This is why we need feminism.

Many women who are against feminism talk how females have done enough now and that we can just scurry home and cook for a bit. Women have achieved a lot for themselves yes but females have a long way to go until a female feels as though she is equal to a man. I know I have been discriminated against some points in my life, I know I’m going to be discriminated against when I go for jobs and most of the things I do in the future. How can people not see this and just accept discrimination against them? It’s not right. We need to wake up. Women do not get the same pay as a man would do in the same position and only 1% of women own the worlds property. Doesn’t that seem wrong to you?

There is a glass ceiling above our heads whether we know it or not. We are all discriminated against one way or another. Our media and society trick us into believing we are all equal and have freedom but we are more in cages than ever before. J K Rowling published Harry Potter under that name because they thought a female writer would not sell. A man can not be feminine or else he is seen as girly. Men who have lots of sex are legends but females are sluts. Females and males may have more human rights than we did a hundred years ago but the minds hold us back. Our own society telling us what is the right thing to do according to your gender role instead of doing the right thing never minding who you are.

This is what feminism is. Feminism is having equality no matter your background, gender, sexuality, culture. It is wanting the glass ceiling being broken and us being able to see discrimination in its true form. We need to open our eyes. I do not burn my bras for my rights or see myself above overs for what I believe in. I see myself as being equal to everyone else. So I will put my hand up and say that I am a feminist


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