A Levels aka the stress of all your life.

My AS levels are coming up (sarcastic yay) so I haven’t had much time to do anything recently. My timetable is literally work, revising, eating and sleeping which is equally horrible and boring. Also now since the governments have pushed forward application dates it means I also have to choose what degree I want to do and where to go. Most of my sixth form is “what’s your future/ I think you should do…/ I think (insert university I don’t care about here) to do…../ wow you have this hobbie why don’t you get a degree in it” and all this speech has made me want to die or made me cry from stress in a corner. Like I can’t decide what I want to eat most of the time let alone decide my future.

Also telling teenagers who have probably a handful of life experiences between them to decide one of the biggest decisions of there life whilst making sure they can recite everything you say so they can get a good qualification, is not the best thing I the world. Use parrots are already stressed with reciting a load of stuff that we probably won’t remember in the future or if we do it’s for a pub quiz or that we actually achieved getting a job in that area. This qualification we are getting is just to show that we can recite useless information and show that we can be controlled even if underneath you are breaking from stress. The education system: making sure we produce parrots instead of thinkers.

A levels are made out to be the pathway to happiness and success a qualification that will make you find enlightenment if you succeed at a good grade. A levels are a miracle to some people but they just don’t suit me. I’ve been in education for about 13 years now and I’m sick of just reciting information that I will forget a year down the line. I’m only getting A levels because I have no idea of what else I should do and because most of my friends pretty much new there future and A levels were the easiest option to pick. I mean nearly everyone does them.

What I’m getting at is that I’m sick if doing what everyone else is doing, I feel trapped in a birdcage and I am slowly becoming a trophy for the college to show off, a mere statistic and that shouldn’t be education. Education should be inspiring and a mentally safe environment. Not a place where stress, depression and loss of hope devoir you. Education should be a place where you enhance your brain activity and makes you think about the world, not make you into another mindless robot who can pass an exam.


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