The Vintage Fair!

On Easter Monday, I know it’s a bit ago but revision has taken over my life, I went to the local vintage fair at scarborough’s spa. This vintage fair was hosted by vintagous who do vintage fairs up and down the Yorkshire Coast. Vintagous organise all different stalls which sell vintage items, from home wear to vinyl, from dresses to bunting. The vintage fair sells everything vintage or retro. It’s truly an amazing sight to behold, all these beautiful wacky stalls jam packed together. It brings such a fun atmosphere!

The entertainment also adds to the atmosphere since singers or dancers are always performing no matter which room you are in. After watching some 1930s style dancing me and my friend Adam decided we should bring it back as the new twerk! It’s too elegant and beautiful not to! Also they had on 1930 and 1950 style singers which were on point and made you feel imported back in time to the days were they were hit songs and they had no such thing as the internet. Although that would be rather sad.


I decided to go to the vintage dress fully dressed in a 1950s inspired outfit, including hair and makeup. I pulled my hair back in a messy bun and added a vintage scarf which I purchased at the last vintage fair I visited. I teamed this with cat eyes flick eye liner and deep red lips courtesy of MAC makeup. I decided to wear a green and white strip crop jumper from hollister with a pair of skinny jeans and my leather brogues! True vintage style which is hardly vintage.


The day started out as everyone meting at Meryls then we all walked down to the spa and payed £2 to enter the vintage version of the Aladdin’s cave, but you could see the very cute vintage vehicles for free (which were so beautiful and left me wanting one). We were all gob smacked by the sheer sight and beauty of the fair. It was truly amazing to walk round. Adam bought the first purchase of us three and it was a vintage scarf which I then told him how to style so then we could all match. This scarf was such a bargain and only took him back £1 and it was so pretty as well. It was such an amazing deal!!!

The second purchase was by me and it was one of the best things I have ever found anywhere but I have to fully explain why. My nana a few months ago gave me her old cream bowl to use as something to put my jewellery in. It’s a really beautiful cream bowl and dates back to the 1930s. However whilst I was looking round a stall in search of a vintage suitcase I found two miniature versions of the same cream bowl. I was overfilled with joy! At £2 each I thought they were such a bargain as well and now I have a full set!!!! It’s just too cute to be true. Although I have no idea what I am to use the mini bowls for.

The rest of the purchases made by the group were Adam and his killer 80s black and white checker breakfast club John Bender style jacket, a matching top and skirt by me which will be revealed in my summer lookbook and a 1970s brief case (which isn’t leather but pleather as the shop assistant kindly told me). Each purchase of that day was just too good not to pass. I wish I bought more. There was just too much to buy!

So here are a few photos to show what I bought and how I spent the day.







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