Life Update

So I need to apologise for something. Recently I have completely rejected my blog. I know I’m horrified myself for letting my blog feel so rejected. I’m sorry baby. Anyhow I have a few reasons why I haven’t been writing recently, well I have one reason: exams.

Exams recently have taken over my life , literally. Most days for the last month I have been stressed about taking exams, studying for exams, procrastinating from studying for my exams and finally I have been taking my exams. So the last few months has been stressful since ever since September I have literally been told if I fail I will be doomed all through my life and will fail and die alone. Ok I might be exaggerating, actually I’m not that’s literally A levels for you. A levels aka the most stressful two years of your entire life.

Anyhow now I have only one exam left, statistics (kill me now), I should be blogging more because that’s the only subject I need to revise for instead of all 8 exams. The last two weeks have literally been a living hell. In fact I think hell would have been better than doing a philosophy and ethics exam with extra time. It’s only 4 essays but I was in that exam room from 9-1:15 so was a bit horrid.

As well as exams I have been working a lot which is fun since I love my job. It’s in the cutest boutique in North Yorkshire and one of the most unique places to shop as well. So I end up spending my wages in the shop as well but my room is pretty. But the only problem that I have found with working in the shop is that children like to stare at me. Like I worked one day and a toddler spent all hist time in the shop just staring at me with and expressionless expression on his face. It was scary. What was worse though is that his parents got scared at how much he stared at me and thought I did something. That was a great experience if I do say so myself.

So that my life recently work and revise. Not the best way to live but it’s only a wave and not the whole ocean so it’s going to end soon hopefully. At the moment I’m de-stressing and thus will write more

Ta ta for now

Ps the exams have made brought thus into my life.


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