My new addiction: bracelet making

Recently since nearly finishing my exams I have gotten a hobbie to do instead of spending my hours revising at knowledge that I’m going to forget in a months time and that hobbie is making bracelets. If you follow me on Instagram then you’d know perfectly well that I’m getting addicted to making bracelets. I keep posting my pictures of my bracelets like I’m a proud mother wanting to share my children’s achievements with the world. My Instagram had turned into a ‘look at my creation’ instead of ‘look where I have been’, I guess this is how God feels, if he is real.

Anyhow I think my addiction had started because making bracelets is super fun and super easy plus I find it really therapeutic and relaxing. Another factor is that I work in a shop that sells beads and everything you need to make jewellery, which is a plus since then I get money off the stuff I need to make my little beauties. Also my boss can do all the fancy stuff and makes his own jewellery and kind of inspired me to make my own.

So making bracelets is my new hobbie and it’s been going well. I really enjoy it and I have actually made some cute stuff that I can actually see as being sold in high street stores. I have also been asked to make replicas of my designs for friends and friends of my family who love my designs. So I’m getting my work out there and that’s really exciting!!!! For me anyhow.

Hopefully this addiction is better than other addictions like drugs and stuff. I don’t think I can get ill by making too many bracelets, hopefully not. The only thing my new addiction will do is mean that I have more bracelets and I’m creating a line of cute jewellery so no one gets hurt plus I’m bringing joy to other people through my designs.
So all good.

Anyhow these are some if my designs. I hope you enjoy!






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