Passion will save me

Since I have feeling quite down recently I have decided to start doing more and find myself some hobbies. I have finally gotten back into jewellery making and I have decided to brush off my sewing skills and finally learn how to make some nice clothes.

I have wanted to make clothes for ages since the shops have either everything I love in or I can never find clothes that I truly like. If there are things I love in that’s great but when the high street has nothing worth while to buy and you have little time to shop it’s a bit depressing. So instead of adventuring outside I could make myself something and others too. Also who knows when you need a killer original outfit or when you might be the fairy godmother. First fairy godmother next the fashion industry.

My first project has been to make a pin cushion, in fact it has become a voodoo heart pin cushion, (For all y’all voodoo magic and textiles needs!). It hasn’t come out the best but for the first attempt it is pretty and I’m only going to jab needles into it so…..I have a lot more fabric in the same colours so I can always make them again and improve with time. Practice certainly makes perfect. I’m pretty proud of my little pin cushion. It’s a brilliant project for someone who can see but hasn’t since year 9. Bless I had to ask my mum how to set up the sewing machine since I had forgotten. That’s how much I have neglected my sewing skills. Anyhow a pin cushion is perfect to make to get back into sewing as a hobbie as I have found out. Like I said first pin cushions next the fashion industry.

Also since I have been struggling recently I have also neglected my little passion for making cute bracelets with slogans on. I just couldn’t do my orders and so I have slipt behind and finally I have caught up on the orders but not on my own. I have many little designs to complete and show.

Anyhow my point of this is that because I’m forcing myself to do stuff and to look after myself I am slowly getting back to normal and soon I will be better. Having passions has always made me feel like I’m important and worth something so gaining these hobbies should make me feel better. They have started to anyhow. So I guess my point is to keep going and to learn and experience and gain passions that make you want to be alive and so you will feel some self worth

Thank you

Ps I thought I would share my little projects with you and if ya enjoy follow my Instagram where I update all my projects regularly and thus you might be inspired like I have been




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