A Must Listen!!!

So recently on youtube The Pierces have released a cover of one of my favourite songs Ordinary World by Duran Duran. This cover is beautiful and the harmonies really add to the song and give it a rich tone. Somehow having the song stripped back from what it is originally, even though you can’t strip it back that much, it makes the song more relate able and you fall in love with the song all over again.

If you have not heard of Duran Duran you are missing out on one fabulous 80’s band, who’s songs are both catchy and beautiful in their own way but also so inventive. Duran Duran are  band that everyone must hear some point in their lives. They are just incredible, with up beat songs like Rio and Wild Boys band distinctive songs like Girls on Film and Hungry like the Wolf. This band is just incredible and a must listen to if you like 80’s music and beautifully written songs.

The Pierces however are a very recent band, who came into the limelight with their single Secret which is the theme tune for pretty little liars. These two sisters have such a distinguished sound by having beautifully written songs with creepy little twists inside and beautiful harmonies backed by little production which gives the Pierces such a different sound to most artists which are popular today. I just love this band and their new single Kings is probably going to be my summer anthem.

Take a hit by Duran Duran add some Pierces magical harmonies and you get one kick ass cover, which I truly love and have on repeat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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