The Quilt Project

Recently my Nan had gone through most of her scrapes and was looking for someone to give them to and of course being the “I know I have a billion projects to do of course I can do something with this even though I am doing nothing in that section” type of person I took all the scraps.These scrape materials range from beautiful floral’s to farm animals, from plain stunning colours to unusual geometric prints from large chunks of fabric to tiny winy little pieces. It truly is a treasure chest of materials.

“But what could I do with all this material?” I asked myself when my Nan gave me the three massive carry bags of material and one floral patterned large box. So I decided to do use the fabrics in lots and lots of different ways and so far I have made two unusual pin cushions which are too cool for words and revamped two pairs of shorts which were in need of some fashion love. Now that I have done these little projects I want to do a slightly bigger project and hence the Quilt Project was born.

This project is going to take as long as it takes and every week I am going to find time to do a few panels of my quilt just using my Nana’s scrap material and maybe some of my scrap material when I finish my other big ass projects. This quilt is going to be a journey in itself to make and will carry different stories woven into its place. The story of each material is going to cross over into another and make a collection of journeys, stories and people onto one big quilt. My Nana only used to make things for people and not herself so each scrap of fabric has been picked by her for someone else so each panel will be someone else’s loves stitched together by my mothers sewing machine which now lives in my room. My mother’s sewing machine has turned into my pride and joy over the last few weeks. It truly is a life saver.

The quilt is going to follow a hexagon pattern so in the end will look like a really quirky bee hive for your bed and will make my beds into personal hives for the rest of my life hopefully. So in a way like a bee hive this quilt is going to be home to other peoples stories and will be a resting place. I can see this project ending in me making one of my most loved possessions. 

Anyhow I’m planning on blogging the journey on making my first quilt because like fashion programs the best bit of the television show is the wannabe fashion designer making the actual piece and not the actual finished project of the piece (well that’s what I enjoy more anyway). With most things its all about the journey there and not the final destination and that is why I am going to blog the whole makings of the quilt and also because I really want to share this with somebody.

So this is my introduction, I guess, to The Quilt Project. I hope you enjoy.


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