The First Project

Recently I have taken up a more crafty hobbie, making things. Now these things have ranged from pin cushions to quilts from revamping shorts to making skirts. In fact my first statement piece of clothing I have made this summer is a skirt and was inspired by another blogger ‘A Pair And A Spare’. This skirt is the shirt skirt.

A shirt skirt is essentially a revamping project and gives a new lease of life to something thrown out and unloved into something beautiful. A mans old shirt can become a beautiful skirt and is one of the easiest projects I have completed. All I did is cut and dew everything in place.

DIY Fashioista (the brilliant book by A Pair and a Spare) laid the tutorial beautifully and made it easy to read as well. It’s a must have for anyone who wants to make something new from something old or wants to give new life into something that is a bit unloved. Her blog is also a must for all those who want to try something new with their clothes or other people’s junk.

So like all make over shows shall we gaze at the before and after pictures of the project then.







So my skirt was a huge success plus went with my wardrobe brilliantly. I would wear it daily if I could. A simple cut and sew made it beautiful, a monkey could make what I did. So hopefully maybe others will do too.

Ta ta for now

Ps sorry about the messy photos I have material everywhere from other projects


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