Recently a new craze has swept the Disney Fandom and that craze is a craze I actually quite enjoy, which is Disneybounding. I only found out about this craze a few months ago and I absolutely love it.  Its so clever, unique and fun to do plus it helps that you use what you already have.

Disneybounding is when you create a disney character inspired outfit to wear in your ordinary life. Taking inspiration from the characters colour scheme or from the key themes of what the character is about and even what they wear hard core disney fans make an outfit inspired by disney characters they love or inspire to be. As well as Disneybounding as their favourite characters many make outfits for the Disney characters on Polyvore to help inspire other Disneybounding enthusiasts on how to achieve a disney characters look whilst using their own wardrobe. Its a brilliant concept and one where everyone can join in no matter what your budget or your wardrobe looks like. Even if you aren’t a disney fan I guess you could Bound as any fandom or character you like.

I absolutely love to do more disneybounds since I have only done one so far. I have loads of ideas I just need to get some different items of clothing I make the look. I’m just missing some basics which would it in my wardrobe amazingly by themselves and would help me make brilliant disneybounds.

My first disneybound was going to college in a Indianan Jones inspired outfit. To do this outfit I paired a olive coloured boyfriend shirt with a pair of shorts and a bowler hat. It wasn’t the most Indiana jones in your face outfit but it did make a good disneybound.

Hopefully soon I will be doing the other disneybounds I have been planning but I won’t share what I’m going to do since I want it all hush hush. However I ashore you that they will be brilliant and when I do enough disneybounds hopefully I will do a look book full of them.

Ta ta for now



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