So Many Patches to Go

Over the Summer I have been making a patchwork quilt from scrapes my nan has given me when she went through all her material. Everyday I have been sewing at least one hexagon to this patchwork quilt and its getting there. Its still very small but it is getting there. At the moment the patchwork is about a metre by fifty centimetres, which is good but there is still a long way to go. Plus when a hexagon is about eight centimetres in diameter its going to take a long time.

As well recently my Nana has given me even more material meaning i have different patterns to match with other different patterns. Before I had a few large bits of fabric which i was using more than the smaller pieces because I might only get one patch out of the smaller fabrics but i would get fifty patches from the bigger bits of fabric. The only problem of this was that a lot of the bigger pieces of material are Christmas material and I really don’t want a Christmas quilt so I have been trying to apply one stocking hexagon to four floral hexagons. This really does not work if you have more Christmas material then actual floral material. However now that I have more scrapes of floral material it should all be balanced out.

Also since I visited the Capital of England, London during the Summer (in fact I went to London twice this summer once for a weekend then again for a day) I visited Liberties and of course since Liberties is famous for material I just had to treat myself. What else do you do in Liberties? So I bought myself some gorgeous buttons to turn into earrings, a make your own pillow kit and some squares to cut into hexagons. I was going to buy some off cuts of the fabrics Liberties sold, but a pre cut bunch of off cuts was about £50, which is slightly alright a lot out of my budget. Only the rich quilters can have that material I’m telling you now. The squares was a much much cheaper alternative.

So that means that at the minute I’m trying not to add all my Liberty material all at once as well as trying to make the patches as un Christmassy as possible and it is kinda working. The patches look good and my hand stitching is getting better each day so it’s coming along nicely. When the patchwork is bigger I shall post a photo but for now

Ta ta

Jessica Boo Davis



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