Down with the Clones

I’ve always been a big fan of individualism since I was little. The person who stood out from the crowd was always the most intriguing person to me; whether it was because of how they talked or even how they dressed. Being different to them were natural, they knew they were different. They embraced the fact that we were all born differently and so there was no point conforming to what society said we all should be. Being different is celebrated all through our society and culture so why are even more people conforming to other peoples ideas of what they should be?

Whenever I go anywhere into the outside world I always see the same groups of friends together. I could go even further to say that you know that they are all friends because they are wearing nearly the exact same thing and that’s sad. They wear their clothes like a uniform. They’re like soldiers going to war against being different, being themselves, being who they want to be instead of being exactly like their friends. How can you tell the difference between them, how do you know that they aren’t all robots? You can’t. The only way they look different is through their genetics.

Maybe I don’t get why people would like to look like clones of each other because I’ve never been ‘in’ enough to become like everyone else. I always was an outsider when I was in my early teens. I tried to fit in and be like everyone else. I tried doing the same makeup as everyone else, act like everyone else, wear the same clothes like everyone else but it didn’t make me any friends. In fact it pushed people away, they believed I was being fake and I was. I was playing someone I wasn’t and everyone could see it. I was uncomfortable being someone I wasn’t so why was I doing it? To be totally truthful I did it to fit in, to become a clone and you know what it didn’t work. As soon as I acted how I wanted, dressed like I wanted, be who I was, I was happier.

I was accepted and I found my own group of people who were all different and embraced their difference. They knew that they couldn’t be like everyone else because they couldn’t conform to a stereotype. I found people who couldn’t act like someone else like me and that was fine. We were all similar but different all the same. I felt like I didn’t have to pretend to be another clone that our society had created and thats freedom.

These clones or groups of people who look the same happen for a number of reasons, I believe but the biggest and the most important reason it happens is because they feel that they won’t be accepted if they aren’t everyone else. To survive in this culture these teenagers believe that to be successful they need to be like everyone else; dress like everyone else, have the same aspirations like everyone else, act like everyone else, just to try and fit the cookie cutter of what they believe they have to be. These people are so caught up in trying to be the stereotype that they stop being who they are or who they want to be.

I might be wrong and don’t realise that some people want to be someone who they aren’t or want to be like everyone else. Its just I don’t see why people would swap their individualism for something so processed and fake. Why would you want to fit in so much that you feel that who you truly are isn’t enough, but if you want to be that person its fine. If you want to be like everyone else thats fine as well and I congratulate you on perusing what you want. All I want to know is, is it worth it?

Being like everyone else is fine when you need to fit into a school code or around people who also feel like they need to fit in but further down the line the more you break the stereotype the interesting you are. The more times you wear what you want to wear the more confident and comfortable you become. When you become truer to yourself you become surrounded with people who accept you for who you are and not what you act to be.

People don’t get told enough that being themselves and different is something to be proud of. I mean if Andie Walsh in Pretty in Pink wasn’t so different would she have brought forward the likes of Blaine, probably not. Andie wasn’t being different to fit a certain category or stereotype, she was different because that was who she was. More films like Pretty in Pink and Hairspray should be realised because it tells people that you will still be accepted and loved if you are different and being who you are is better than being any person you aspire to be because other people deem that as cool. Being yourself will get you accepted and if that is through being everyone else thats fine as long as you are yourself but if you realise that being everyone else isn’t you then become you. Be you, wear it like your favourite dress because none can be you. No one can act like you and talk like you. Embrace that you are different, except that you are an individual.

You a beautiful. You are amazing. You are different, an individual. Please stop trying to be someone your not. I love you just the way you are


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