Cyprus in Pictures

As I have recently published a post about my trip to Cyprus I thought it was only fair to share some of my photos with you too. It would have been on the other blog post but when i came to upload the pictures my files would not upload. Also I quite like sharing holiday pictures since I think they catch the whole vibe of the holiday, even if it was so relaxed I did nothing but read and eat. Well thats a lie, I also did some tourist stuff and we crossed over the border, which was cool but very scary since armed guards with guns are. So shall we begin…..

I stayed at the Cyprus College of Art which is truly beautiful to look at since the whole fence is done by different artists and joins up in a bit of a iguldy pickly way. However it is truly a beautiful madness since when it joins together it does showcase brilliantly how art is so diverse and can spread such a spectrum of emotions. I loved it I think the whole ‘fence’ is such an statement that art is not one artist or a few but rather a whole spectrum of peoples views on the world that they live in. It is quite different to anything I have every seen before.

IMG_4850IMG_4852 IMG_4860 IMG_5337

Now the people I went with. They are both quite mad in their own way. My friend Rachel, I have been friends with for years we used to go to ballet classes together, then college for two years as well. I thought by the end of my holiday we would be scrapping twenty four hours but we got on really well. I think it was because during met days we did our own thing then met up and cooked together dinner or lunch so we would only see each other then. We gave each other a good amount of space so that we would not be annoyed with each other. Adam who I also went with for just a week instead of the two weeks, I got on with to an extent. We were just too different at times and we both rubbed each other up the wrong way. If I went on holiday with him when we first met i think we would have gotten on supremely but because he has stayed the same and I have changed and matured so much we just didn’t mix as well. We got on fine but at times it wasn’t the best experience. Anyhow we still all talk to each other so thats the main thing. Also I’m not posting pictures of the people I stayed with but met at the commune since I don’t have their permission to post pictures but I have permission from the two people I went with.

IMG_4910 IMG_4963 IMG_4997 IMG_5025 IMG_5105 IMG_5276

Now the touristy stuff. Altogether we went to the market, harbour, Aphrodite’s rock (the greek goddesses birthplace), the catacombs, a few churches, St Paul’s pillar and the Tomb of Kings (which I always said the wrong way round). All of these places were absolutely beautiful but the market and harbour were more tourist centre since they were all tourist shops there but for buying souvenirs you couldn’t go wrong.

IMG_4924 IMG_4932 IMG_4936 IMG_4998 IMG_5046 IMG_5045 IMG_5040 IMG_5042 IMG_5072 IMG_5120 IMG_5123 IMG_5035 IMG_5081

We also went to Nicosia for two days. It was a lot less touristy than Paphos but had a really good vibe to it as well. I would definitely recommend going their to anyone who is thinking about it. Its nightlife was also really cool like a lot of the kinda quirky cafes turned into cocktail bars at night so it was a win win for everyone. We also crossed the border into the Turkish side as well which was quite cool but tiny bit scary as well. It was nice seeing the difference between the Turkish and the Greek idea of life since when you cross the border it is a completely different city.

IMG_5195 IMG_5205 IMG_5219 IMG_5282 IMG_5291 IMG_5294

And that was my trip to Cyprus in pictures.


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