Quick Recap

So this summer has been totally crazy. First of all I have been on holiday three times; Cyprus, Liverpool and London. The London and the Liverpool blog post should hopefully be coming soon, it would have been written if there were more hours in the day or more days in the week. Secondly I have been going on so many day trips (nearly every day i have off workt) with my friends that can drive to places for either touristy reasons or to stock up on some clothes for university. The tourist days out are to places that are nearby like Whitby or York so that I won’t miss them when I move to university. Thirdly I just haven’t had time to blog because recently I have been working five full days a week and at night either going to the gym or getting ready for uni. So i thought i would write this filler blog post as a quick catch up as to what has happened in the past few weeks.

One is that I had gotten the grades i needed and am going to my first choice university in september. I was so surprised since i though i did terribly in math but had come out with a C. Whereas I went up two grade boundaries in philosophy and got an A grade and i went up one grade boundary in english and got a b. I was so happy on results day and even happier that the stress, tears and hard work really paid off for me. It has paid off so much that now I am going to my dream university in september and i am going to study Philosophy and Literature which I find one of the most interesting things in the world. I literally cannot wait.

Another thing is I officialy went on my first night out as an adult. Here it is nearly impossible to get into a club let alone get a drink if you are underaged so going on a night out after I got back from cyprus was defineatly on my list. However it didn’t happen until i was halfway through the holiday that i went on my nightout. It was a fun night out, I went with a load of friends I hardly see as we all went to separate colleges after university so it was amazing seeing them all again.

Also I have seen a few concerts at my local venue as well. Last Sunday I saw Scouting for Girls for the second time and it was absolutely amazing. It was such an intimate concert since hardly anyone was there and we had probably the best seats in the house (thanks mum). It was one of the best nights of my life and I also went with the best people ever. Even if i hit my friend in the face at one point in the concert thanks to my very bad dancing but it was her fault for not dancing.

So that has kinda been a skim of my summer. In a few weeks I’m going to start uni so thats going to be a whole new whirlwind and chapter but for now.

ta ta for now


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