So during my holidays me and my family spent a few days in Liverpool. I have been to Liverpool before but only for a day and that was to look around a university there so I didn’t really get a proper feel for the city or really look around it at all in fact. One could say i was quite excited for the trip since i would be doing all the touristy things including doing the Beetles story since I’m a massive Beetles fan I was giddy to go the museum to see it all.

So what did we do…. I saw two Cathedrals both completely different but both completely beautiful. Also extravagant like if they actually finished the newer one of the two it would have been bigger than big ben (I think). Like who even needs a church that big, you can really tell at the time at making it Liverpool had money to burn. Then we also went shopping for a bit since literally there are no good clothes shops were I live. The Topshop here is literally the size of a shoe box. Also I wanted to go shopping because Liverpool has loads of vintage shops so I really wanted to have a big route through those and in fact got some charming second hand things including some trousers to help my Beetlejuice costume for halloween. We also saw a show that was playing that my brother really wanted to see which was the Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. It was a really absurd and creative play. The set design for the play was absolutely brilliant and completely captured the essence of the book which is a really good read if you haven’t read it. In fact the play was amazing and was completely different from anything I have ever seen. The day after that we did the Beetles story which was absolutely brilliant and wasn’t really set out like a museum even though it was technically a museum which was really cool. It was just cool finding out how the Beetles became well the Beetles. I really loved it. Then after we did the Slave museum which was really powerful. It just took you back for a moment because when we talk about slavery we kinda go into how it happened when it was finished and that is it. Whereas this museum really went into the effect of slavery and the circumstances it caused then and today in Africa and all over the world. It was a real awakening. It also went into how racism steamed from slavery and what modern slavery is today. It was something I think if anyone has the chance to go then go because it was so interesting and it really an eye opener to what constitutional racism actually is. So please go!

Anyhow on another note here is some pictures from the trip.

IMG_5647 IMG_5745 IMG_5776 IMG_5770 IMG_5798 IMG_5800


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