Why I’m sick of the EU referendum.

I haven’t written on here for a year and a bit I think. Its not because I’ve been busy with life its just that time has moved too quickly for me to keep up. I’ve just had my first year at university and I have changed so much in such a short period of time. So why now? Why am I writing at 1:28 am?

It’s mostly because I can’t sleep. Too much is on my mind. Mostly it is how done I am with the EU Referendum. This decision to vote whether we stay or leave should never have been in the hands of the public at all. No one fully knows all the facts. Fear mongering is happening on both sides. The idea of taking back sovereignty and making Britain great again keep circling my head but I’m not quite sure of what it means. When was Britain great to start with? Throughout history Britain has never been great. If you mean Britain was great when we had an Empire you are condoning colonisation, mass genocide and racism. If you mean during the Victorian era you are condoning child labour, a lack of women’s rights and mass poverty. The only era that I can think we were great was just after WW2 and thats because there was social change in the air and the Butler plan comes into full force giving us the treasured NHS. However this means I would also condone the Notting Hill riots, Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood Speech and the fact that even though a women had the vote she did not have any other rights. The argument just does not make sense to me.

On top of this immigration has become the fall front of the EU debate. The idea of when Turkey becomes a member means that a wave of refugees will take our jobs, homes and NHS seem to be the main argument to leave. However no-one takes into account that Turkey have been trying to join for about twenty years. Or the fact that immigration is outside of the EU and is the governments job to deal with. The most worrying is that the people who are most scared of immigration have hardly ever seen an immigrant in their lives. You can sprout how immigrants are taking everyones jobs but you cannot name a single immigrant who you know. Your only scared because the papers tell you to be scared. In one video I watched a women talked how she was voting out because immigration was a problem even though there were no immigrants in her town and she wants to keep it like that. How can you not see how racist that comment is coming out of your mouth? Can you not see the hypocrisy? If you have never dealt with immigrants how can you say they are a problem? Places where immigration is a thing seem to abolish this whole argument saying how they add more to the country than take away. Most immigrants have jobs, both these jobs are jobs we seek after as they are highly skilled or something no-one wants to do. When people talk about how if we leave we can have more immigrants from the commonwealth I often wonder if they also mean Jamaica as well as Australia or News Zealand. If they will complain the same when they see a Jamaican, the same way they complain about the Polish.

How can you not see the racism when football fans are starting fights in France based on peoples nationality? How can you not see the racism when UKIP leader Nigel Farage blames his party members racism on having too much to drink. Yes, he may get rid of those party members unlike Corbyn did but how many party members has he banned now?  Too many. He also wants to get rid of the Discrimination Act so that British people get more jobs. However he is dismissing the British black community,the British asian community, the British muslim community, the British women, the British LGBT community and anyone that is not white and male who are all protected by this act. This is not giving power back to the people. Its just making segregation a comeback. Like a sequel to a film that no-one wanted. I was called small minded when I said that this was a racist act within itself. How can you not see that this is racism in its full force?

Unfortunately a vote for leave is a vote for this man and Borris Johnson to become in power. Many people are saying that David Cameron may keep his job if we leave but how can he? His reputation is also in tatters since we have had protest after protest about his resignation. This is his last chance to be our leader. Borris Johnson and Nigel Farage will take over. The pair are like a super villains  from an old James Bond film, hilarious until you realise how much power they have. Also both of these people will screw over the working man no matter what. Farage was part of the EU for fisheries and only went to one meting yet talks how the EU is absolute shit and how he can give back the seas to British fishers. Look mate if you did your job properly maybe so many fishers jobs would not be lost in the first place and there would be nothing to give back. YOU ARE probably the reason why it is gone. Johnson on the other hand is a true elitist. He is completely disenchanted from the actual world. He talks how he is for the working yet he went to Eton and was in the Bullingdon Club, the same club where David Cameron fucked a pig. He has no true grasp how the actual world works. He is too rich to have ever had a minimum wage job or struggle through the month because he has to chose food or heating. Neither these two people are fit to run a country but it seems like a vote to leave is a vote for this dystopian Britain.

Even though the Leave campaign do have good points on the leftist side they are often overlooked because we have no left anymore. In the last election it was the choice of the lesser evil. The problem with todays government is that they all chase and spread the fear. This has left us with a Labour party which are secretly Conservative and a Conservative party which is more right than ever because they wanted the votes from people who were right extremists but didn’t want to be UKIP. Socialists should want to leave but we don’t because it seems a vote to leave is a vote for a weird dystopian future. There is no plan in place if we truly leave. A leave representative said “I don’t know” on one of the BBC debates. How is that meant to give us any hope. If we have nothing in place for if we do leave then how will we as a nation cope.

Socialists should want more democracy but we do not because we are in such fear of it. This is because we have no good choices. If we leave we lose three million jobs, we may go into another recession, we will have to become amazing negotiators to get good deals to trade anywhere. If these are the negotiators with the EU then we have no hope. However if we stay our NHS will be in tatters after privatisation after privatisation from our government, we will have worse relationship with the EU and we will also have an angry bunch of people who did not get there own way. This is because they want us to be more democratic but they do not truly knows what democracy or debate truly is.

Whilst debating I have had a person dismiss all my sources because they are too left wing but then use the same news sources when it supports his views. Within this debate I asked him for sources that he could support his claims with, which he never did, because I could not find anything myself. I was asked to do the same by one of his supporters. I found about ten different articles supporting my view and his reply was quote this “Huffington Post, Left Foot Forward and the Mirror, hardley reliable sources, wouldn’t give them the privilege off reading their dross.”and then dismissed my whole argument. He then two days later used the Huffington post to support his own view. I just put his quote in the comment and he brushed it off as it was nothing. You can not dismiss someones argument because you do not like where the source is from and then use the same news resource. Its hypocritical and rude. Plus to dismiss someones argument because it does not agree to your viewpoint is utterly wrong as well. This was an argument  rather than a debate, since this man can never debate since he can never consider the other side at all. This was the time I was called small minded for believing Farage was a racist. This was because I included two articles that pointed out his flaws and how he was not here for the everyday man. I was also told not to believe the media portrayal and I was brainwashed yet this guy every two minutes shares something from the Brexit page. If anyone is brainwashed it is you since you can not even comprehend something that is different from your own beliefs. Maybe you cannot accept them because then you would have to come to terms that you worship a racist. I have read articles and watched debates from both sides before I voted. I know the pros and cons of each side and if you can not do that then you are the one thats brainwashed. You are the one that cannot take any other persons argument. You are the one with the ignorant small minded view.

People want to regain the power and have proper democracy but it seems that no-one knows what democracy is. The main argument for Brexit is to have democracy again however when you talk to any Brexit no conversation about this matter can be had. There is no discussion. My friend who is pro stay tried talking to her grandparents about the EU referendum but they just chanted leave at her. This is no democracy. A democracy by definition a system of government governed by the whole nation or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. If you want to be democratic you have to be willing to listen to the other side instead of shouting to shut it down. Its kind of the same as waffling through debates so that a bill can’t be passed in the house of lords. In no way its democratic. However its not the worst story out of the bunch neither is mine.

A few days ago a family friend who was in our house after saying sexist comments to my dad about how my education was a waste because he would never marry a women who was educated as they yap too much. Worse my dad agreed to this but this part is another post in itself. My dad informed this man how I was stay. His reaction was more than horrible.

Its why I am writing this blog post at this late at night because ever since it has been bugging me and now I do not feel safe to have an opinion in my home. To be fair I have grilled at my dad why it is better to stay in EU. However it is because he has not done any research into it or watched any debates. If he had more reasons than immigration and the recession then I would be fine. If he did research and watched the debate and after was still leave I would be fine with his choice. However all his decision is based on is his own perspective.

It was the same with this man. He put his perspective of life in front of all the research I had done on the debate. He said I was voting out of fear then went on about how we need to take back the country from immigrants. Thats the problem with the older generation is that they are so used to fear, from Thatcher cutting everything to 9/11, that they don’t see their own viewpoint is being driven by it. He said I should respect his perspective of life over my research and how I would not understand what the EU is as I haven’t lived life since I am young. However I have read what it is like through the eyes of an economics, a fisher, a farmer, a human rights activist and an environmentalist. I have not based my whole judgement on my perspective but others as well. As this is going to effect everyone and not just myself. He then called me selfish for saying how I have more of a chance of getting a job if we stay in the Eu. Yet he is voting just on his experience and is not taking into account anyone else. He said how economists are not everything yet if we go into another recession the hope of paying off my student loans, the hope of getting a good job, the hope of owning a house and making enough money so that I feel like I can raise a family are completely gone. Unfortunately we are in a capitalist environment where our whole lives depend on money.

His conclusion to my viewpoint being a problem was the worst though. After having a grown man say to you how your ‘brainwashed’ and ‘shouldn’t go to university’ and ‘how the left do nothing’ (actually any development in society is thanks to the left) he concluded that I am so wrong that I should not have a say to begin with. He told my dad that he should lock me in my room on voting day so that my voice was not heard. My own father agreed with him then said it couldn’t happen now since I did the postal vote. He said how my view would ‘ruin the country’ and I was the reason why we are in such a state.  What is the worst of this though is that he completely dehumanised me. He made me out to be a disobedient child and so should be punished. In an era where it has not even been a hundred years where all women had the right to vote and someone wants to take your voice from you is utterly disappointing. If anything it sends a message of aggression and hatred. It sends the message that you have to fall in line to someone else beliefs. It sends the message that I should not have a voice. You want a democracy, you want the country to rule itself again but you do not want me to vote! I was too young in the last election to vote and in hell would I not vote in this one. How dare you speak to me in that way! How dare you discriminate against me! How dare you make me feel like I cannot have a voice within my own home. What is worse is that you want us to lead ourselves again but if anyone does not agree with you they should not be taken into account.

That is what is wrong with this county. Not the immigrants or the constant cuts or the diminishing NHS. Its this complete mindset of if someone disagrees with you then they should be silenced. You want a democracy only if everyone agrees with you. You only want a debate if everyone agrees with you. You are fuelled with so much hatred at an issue that does not effect you in the slightest. You, the older generation, want our respect but then you call us radicalises and idiots for voicing our own opinions. You put your own perspective on life over everything else. You have no idea of what the world is truly like you have no idea what the EU truly is until you do research. You never open your minds to something that is other than you. Thats whats wrong with this country. This fear of the other. You want to silence anything that is different. At the end of the day thats why Jo Cox is dead. Its because you have been spoon fed all these propaganda lies about the empire. You brush over sexism and racism until you get pointed out for it and then you argue how you couldn’t possibly be racist since you experienced it and a microscopic amount of people did the act. This hatred is why we are having the referendum. This hatred is why I was told that I should not have a voice. THIS HATRED IS WHY JO COX WAS MURDERED!!!! We will never be Great Britain there is nothing great about it, there never was. We are a small island full of hatred and I am sick of it. Until we change we will never be great. Thanks to the referendum I have fully lost all faith in humanity. Both leave and stay should be pleased with themselves.


One thought on “Why I’m sick of the EU referendum.

  1. I feel the exact same way. I am just annoyed by the propaganda being shoved down people’s throats. Trying to be cooerced to vote a particular side from both parties. I’m sick of hearing about the EU referendum and I see positives and negatives in both. And like you I’m seeing the hatred, and that’s making me lose all hope in everyone in this country.

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