Keep Fighting

It maybe the end of an era. Its been two weeks since Brexit ‘won’ the vote on the EU referendum. Within these two weeks Scotland is calling for a new vote of independence, we have lost 3 trillion on the markets, we have become the 6th best economy instead of fifth and David Cameron has stepped down as Prime Minister.This has lead Labour staging a ‘chicken coup’ against Corbin on the premises that its his fault that we have left the E.U. Not the fact that a man has gambled England’s economy and job aspects to further his political career. Borris Johnson has stepped down from the Tory leadership race, he’s done the damage and realised that he would be blamed in fifty years time if we cannot pull ourselves out of this and ran. After Farage insulted the MEPs saying that they have never done a proper job in their life, he has stepped down as UKIP’s leader saying he wants his personal life back. Its hard having a proper job isn’t it Farage. Plus being good at it. I’m saying this since Farage has one of the lowest attendance records for when he was a MEP plus he only went to 1 EU fisheries meting. Campaigning to get us out of EU has been the most effective job he’s done and one he actually did. After all this term oil what now?

Many people have realised there is no turning back. I signed many of a petition to hold another referendum as soon as Farage told us his campaign promises were lies. I may have spread it and shared it way too much but I was angry. I was angry that a campaign lead by lies as won, that people chose hatred and racism over working together. Now I know that everyone who voted leave would not be racists but some are and now they feel verified in being open about it. Most of my friends are immigrants studying over in England and know they do not feel safe after the backlash after the vote. The slogan “we voted leave now leave” circles my head and that angered me. The generation that have seen wars, have witnessed the black civil rights movement and the feminist movement have all turned away from these developments in society in favour of nostalgia. The idea that we were once an empire and so that people would trade with us circles my head. This protest vote within working class communities angered me. This community which is being helped by the EU have turned away for it. This anger we all feel and hopelessness within society no matter the class or age has been misdirected so severely.

We should be angry at our own government. They have lead campaign after campaign full of hatred and fear to make people focus their anger off the main course. People have used leave as a scapegoat. Most of our problems are to do with our own government. Austerity have hit the working class hardest yet instead of it being the governments fault its immigrants. The NHS being severely underfunded, the EUs fault. Class room sizes being too big is immigration problems. All of these problems which were addressed by the leave campaign was our governments fault. Instead of taxing their friends and the big companies they have focused taking more from the little people. The conclusion of this is that we now owe more than we did before austerity. We are more in debt but for what?

Since austerity there is now a bigger gap in the classes. More and more of the little people suffer because of the slogan ‘we’re all in this together’. Our NHS is more privatised as ever, less and less people are funded for a high skill jobs, there is less chance of working up the ladder, teachers have mountains of work by criterions made by people that have never been in education sector, government sectors are stretched to it limits and for what? The 1% are the only people that have prospered in this time period and they’re going to prosper after. These are the people that don’t need the NHS, can afford private schools yet they have lost the least within austerity. We are not all in this together and this vote shows it. This vote shows how the little people are tired of being pushed around by the 1%, the people that prosper under austerity.

If only if this overrule came to a happy ending however. Its not now that Cameron has stepped down. We have four figures trying to become MP with no call for another generation at all. These four figures all are human rights abusers in some way or another and are a million times worse for the little man than David Cameron and George Osborne ever were. If we are not guaranteed a generation when one of these leaders are announced and they invoke article 50 we no longer have the EU to protect us. Austerity could have been worse if it wasn’t for the EU stepping in and saying it went against our human rights and now we face no EU to save us from four Thatcherist wannabes wanting to rule. We have Theresa May who introduced a law that said that you had to earn over a certain amount of money to let your spouse or child into the country and voted against homosexuals adoption rights in 2002. Next Micheal Gove, the guy who wants to privatise the NHS and wants junior doctors to become machines. Stephen Crabb claimed 8049 pounds to refurbish his flat during the parliament expenses scandal, cut sickness benefits and only  recently started to ‘believe’ homosexuality can’t be cured. Andrea Leadsom wants minimum wage to be scrapped if your a small business, voted against homosexual marriage and seems to not believe in climate change. This isn’t even the worse she has said the worst is, “I don’t want my daughter to be taught by a woman with a veil covering her face” yet she voted against homosexual marriage because of her faith. Last but not least is Liam Fox who called homosexual marriage ‘absurd’, when he was Secretary of State for Defence resigned because he gave his friend access of Ministry of Defense plus he had the most claims in the 2009 expense scandal and only paid most of it back. These five people maybe running the country very soon. All five of these people do not suit to be leader of our country because of how diverse and different it is yet we may have them.

The future is looking bleak however we must keep fighting if we want a better tomorrow. We have no plan so we need to make one. On top of this we need to make sure we have some sort of safety net in place for the working class and that we hold responsible these people in government if anything goes wrong. No scapegoats anymore. If we are to progress we need to take action against the elitist 1% and only in doing this we will gain back our country.


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