This blog is all about…….. well, my life! The ins and out’s of it, the ups and downs. It is about everything that has happened, past, present and future. All the adventures I have had, and am going to. All the stories I am going to tell my grand-children. All the tips that I want to pass on to the next generation. This blog is me.

In each category, there will be different things. In Beauty and Fashion, you will read my intake to the new trends, whether that is in the newest lipstick colour or the hippest winter jumper. This category will also provide my style. What I would wear for a date, college or just to lounge in.

In Little Adventures you will read about my journeys. The first day at a new place or a visit to a dissent country. It will all be packed on this page. This page is for the people who want to see the world, before they die. Just like I do. As time goes on this category will become bigger as my life grows and I have more adventures.

Rants about Everything and Nothing, is just me letting some steam out. Like most people, I get annoyed with this world, especially the people in it. This category stops me hating the world we live in. Writing out my anger, helps me calm down. It’s quite therapeutic.

The Review category is literally what it says on the tin. This category is where I write reviews for films, music, books, beauty product, food! Well this category is where I review about everything!

Story Time, is the category where you get to find out about all the little goings on in my life. These stories are from past and present experiences. I write these experiences because I think might entertain you. They certainly made me laugh!

I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to browse anywhere on it. Enjoy! Kisses,

Jessica-boo Davis    xxx


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