Cyprus in Pictures

As I have recently published a post about my trip to Cyprus I thought it was only fair to share some of my photos with you too. It would have been on the other blog post but when i came to upload the pictures my files would not upload. Also I quite like sharing holiday […]


As soon as I finished my exams and celebrated my birthday I was whisked away to Cyprus. To be more exact I was whisked away to Paphos to stay at the Cyprus College of Art for two weeks. I set off with one of my best friends, Rachel who was going to stay there for […]

The Vintage Fair!

On Easter Monday, I know it’s a bit ago but revision has taken over my life, I went to the local vintage fair at scarborough’s spa. This vintage fair was hosted by vintagous who do vintage fairs up and down the Yorkshire Coast. Vintagous organise all different stalls which sell vintage items, from home wear […]

How to survive: the Sales!

If like me you love a discount then you have probably tried to shop in the January sales. I love shopping in sales, if I am in the mood but sometimes sales can be a bit too aggressive and over time I have learnt what to do and what not to do in sale. Hopefully […]

Visiting Magic Kingdom!!!!

During summer I visited Florida with my friend and her family. Whilst in Florida we visited Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This was my first time going to the Magic Kingdom and I got to say it was amazing! Me, being a Disney addict and all, visiting Magic Kingdom was my idea of heaven! […]

The First Day

Today, well yesterday was my first day at Sixth Form. I’m counting today, as the first day because, yesterday I spent the whole day learning how to be a good student. Not that I had to learn how to be a good student for my GCSE’s or anything. Today was the first day we had […]

My Weekend in London

So last weekend I went to the lovely London with my family to go and see West Side Story and shop. The weekend was amazing, and I bought way too many clothes. The food, the sights, the divergence, you cannot beat London. We set off on Friday morning at about six in the morning. Which […]