Hello, my blog is still here. I just do not write as much as I really should and that is because of many reasons. This includes little to or no time and the fact i have server writers block recently. Normally I write a lot a lot because I like to write short stories and […]


Recently a new craze has swept the Disney Fandom and that craze is a craze I actually quite enjoy, which is Disneybounding. I only found out about this craze a few months ago and I absolutely love it.  Its so clever, unique and fun to do plus it helps that you use what you already […]

The Fear

Recently I feel myself slipping. I no longer care about most things and I’m scared that when I stop caring is the day I give up. I have stopped caring about my A levels because I have no idea what I want to do with my life. The stress of everyone rushing off; the stress […]

2014 is going to be the year…….

2013 has been quite a wild year for me, fun but quite mad at the same time. I have picked some pointers on what would make this year even better. I’m not going to call them resolutions because I actually want to achieve them and that it is not the normal resolutions people would see […]

5 Reasons Why I Would Love to be a Disney Princess

I went to Magic Kingdon Summer and I realised how much I would love to be a Disney Princess. Like, who wouldn’t. Also I have been having Disney withdraws recently. So, these are my reasons why: 1) The gorgeous dresses:  In my opinion Disney Princesses are one of the best dressed cartoons out there. I […]