So Many Patches to Go

Over the Summer I have been making a patchwork quilt from scrapes my nan has given me when she went through all her material. Everyday I have been sewing at least one hexagon to this patchwork quilt and its getting there. Its still very small but it is getting there. At the moment the patchwork is about a metre by fifty centimetres, which is good but there is still a long way to go. Plus when a hexagon is about eight centimetres in diameter its going to take a long time.

As well recently my Nana has given me even more material meaning i have different patterns to match with other different patterns. Before I had a few large bits of fabric which i was using more than the smaller pieces because I might only get one patch out of the smaller fabrics but i would get fifty patches from the bigger bits of fabric. The only problem of this was that a lot of the bigger pieces of material are Christmas material and I really don’t want a Christmas quilt so I have been trying to apply one stocking hexagon to four floral hexagons. This really does not work if you have more Christmas material then actual floral material. However now that I have more scrapes of floral material it should all be balanced out.

Also since I visited the Capital of England, London during the Summer (in fact I went to London twice this summer once for a weekend then again for a day) I visited Liberties and of course since Liberties is famous for material I just had to treat myself. What else do you do in Liberties? So I bought myself some gorgeous buttons to turn into earrings, a make your own pillow kit and some squares to cut into hexagons. I was going to buy some off cuts of the fabrics Liberties sold, but a pre cut bunch of off cuts was about £50, which is slightly alright a lot out of my budget. Only the rich quilters can have that material I’m telling you now. The squares was a much much cheaper alternative.

So that means that at the minute I’m trying not to add all my Liberty material all at once as well as trying to make the patches as un Christmassy as possible and it is kinda working. The patches look good and my hand stitching is getting better each day so it’s coming along nicely. When the patchwork is bigger I shall post a photo but for now

Ta ta

Jessica Boo Davis




Recently a new craze has swept the Disney Fandom and that craze is a craze I actually quite enjoy, which is Disneybounding. I only found out about this craze a few months ago and I absolutely love it.  Its so clever, unique and fun to do plus it helps that you use what you already have.

Disneybounding is when you create a disney character inspired outfit to wear in your ordinary life. Taking inspiration from the characters colour scheme or from the key themes of what the character is about and even what they wear hard core disney fans make an outfit inspired by disney characters they love or inspire to be. As well as Disneybounding as their favourite characters many make outfits for the Disney characters on Polyvore to help inspire other Disneybounding enthusiasts on how to achieve a disney characters look whilst using their own wardrobe. Its a brilliant concept and one where everyone can join in no matter what your budget or your wardrobe looks like. Even if you aren’t a disney fan I guess you could Bound as any fandom or character you like.

I absolutely love to do more disneybounds since I have only done one so far. I have loads of ideas I just need to get some different items of clothing I make the look. I’m just missing some basics which would it in my wardrobe amazingly by themselves and would help me make brilliant disneybounds.

My first disneybound was going to college in a Indianan Jones inspired outfit. To do this outfit I paired a olive coloured boyfriend shirt with a pair of shorts and a bowler hat. It wasn’t the most Indiana jones in your face outfit but it did make a good disneybound.

Hopefully soon I will be doing the other disneybounds I have been planning but I won’t share what I’m going to do since I want it all hush hush. However I ashore you that they will be brilliant and when I do enough disneybounds hopefully I will do a look book full of them.

Ta ta for now


The First Project

Recently I have taken up a more crafty hobbie, making things. Now these things have ranged from pin cushions to quilts from revamping shorts to making skirts. In fact my first statement piece of clothing I have made this summer is a skirt and was inspired by another blogger ‘A Pair And A Spare’. This skirt is the shirt skirt.

A shirt skirt is essentially a revamping project and gives a new lease of life to something thrown out and unloved into something beautiful. A mans old shirt can become a beautiful skirt and is one of the easiest projects I have completed. All I did is cut and dew everything in place.

DIY Fashioista (the brilliant book by A Pair and a Spare) laid the tutorial beautifully and made it easy to read as well. It’s a must have for anyone who wants to make something new from something old or wants to give new life into something that is a bit unloved. Her blog is also a must for all those who want to try something new with their clothes or other people’s junk.

So like all make over shows shall we gaze at the before and after pictures of the project then.







So my skirt was a huge success plus went with my wardrobe brilliantly. I would wear it daily if I could. A simple cut and sew made it beautiful, a monkey could make what I did. So hopefully maybe others will do too.

Ta ta for now

Ps sorry about the messy photos I have material everywhere from other projects

The Quilt Project

Recently my Nan had gone through most of her scrapes and was looking for someone to give them to and of course being the “I know I have a billion projects to do of course I can do something with this even though I am doing nothing in that section” type of person I took all the scraps.These scrape materials range from beautiful floral’s to farm animals, from plain stunning colours to unusual geometric prints from large chunks of fabric to tiny winy little pieces. It truly is a treasure chest of materials.

“But what could I do with all this material?” I asked myself when my Nan gave me the three massive carry bags of material and one floral patterned large box. So I decided to do use the fabrics in lots and lots of different ways and so far I have made two unusual pin cushions which are too cool for words and revamped two pairs of shorts which were in need of some fashion love. Now that I have done these little projects I want to do a slightly bigger project and hence the Quilt Project was born.

This project is going to take as long as it takes and every week I am going to find time to do a few panels of my quilt just using my Nana’s scrap material and maybe some of my scrap material when I finish my other big ass projects. This quilt is going to be a journey in itself to make and will carry different stories woven into its place. The story of each material is going to cross over into another and make a collection of journeys, stories and people onto one big quilt. My Nana only used to make things for people and not herself so each scrap of fabric has been picked by her for someone else so each panel will be someone else’s loves stitched together by my mothers sewing machine which now lives in my room. My mother’s sewing machine has turned into my pride and joy over the last few weeks. It truly is a life saver.

The quilt is going to follow a hexagon pattern so in the end will look like a really quirky bee hive for your bed and will make my beds into personal hives for the rest of my life hopefully. So in a way like a bee hive this quilt is going to be home to other peoples stories and will be a resting place. I can see this project ending in me making one of my most loved possessions. 

Anyhow I’m planning on blogging the journey on making my first quilt because like fashion programs the best bit of the television show is the wannabe fashion designer making the actual piece and not the actual finished project of the piece (well that’s what I enjoy more anyway). With most things its all about the journey there and not the final destination and that is why I am going to blog the whole makings of the quilt and also because I really want to share this with somebody.

So this is my introduction, I guess, to The Quilt Project. I hope you enjoy.

A Must Listen!!!

So recently on youtube The Pierces have released a cover of one of my favourite songs Ordinary World by Duran Duran. This cover is beautiful and the harmonies really add to the song and give it a rich tone. Somehow having the song stripped back from what it is originally, even though you can’t strip it back that much, it makes the song more relate able and you fall in love with the song all over again.

If you have not heard of Duran Duran you are missing out on one fabulous 80’s band, who’s songs are both catchy and beautiful in their own way but also so inventive. Duran Duran are  band that everyone must hear some point in their lives. They are just incredible, with up beat songs like Rio and Wild Boys band distinctive songs like Girls on Film and Hungry like the Wolf. This band is just incredible and a must listen to if you like 80’s music and beautifully written songs.

The Pierces however are a very recent band, who came into the limelight with their single Secret which is the theme tune for pretty little liars. These two sisters have such a distinguished sound by having beautifully written songs with creepy little twists inside and beautiful harmonies backed by little production which gives the Pierces such a different sound to most artists which are popular today. I just love this band and their new single Kings is probably going to be my summer anthem.

Take a hit by Duran Duran add some Pierces magical harmonies and you get one kick ass cover, which I truly love and have on repeat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The End is Neigh

At the end of this week I would have officially finished A1 at Sixth Form, and all I can say is thank goodness I only have another year of A levels. I just hate A levels so much so this milestone is quite important to me, since it means I only have to endure college for another six months. The unneeded pressure of A levels will soon be over and hopefully then I can breath.

I have had some good memories at sixth form this year; I have met some wonderful people, I have gotten closer to some of my friends, I only study what I want to and I have some amazing teachers. Which are all brilliant because I have experienced so many things but I feel as if I am lagging behind and have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way to the now. I just do not feel right at the moment, I feel as if I am meant to live a different life at the moment. Maybe my self doubt is my downfall.

There is a lot to doubt though. I have stressed maybe too much, I have lost contact with some of my closest friends, I have fallen out with people, in other words I have become a walking talking soap opera. I cannot let go of those facts. Living in the past is enhancing my anxiety and my self doubt. Its turning into something I can’t control and something I can’t be. Something I won’t be.

In my mind my hopelessness is linked with college. It’s the only big thing in my life which has changed me and when it is over maybe my negativeness will be too. The stress that has been involved in my life recently has been linked to college and expectations. Both tie together quite nicely and involve college way more than it should. Stress from not wanting to fail and trying not to let people down. Caring for what everyone else sees as me as made me doubt and made me weak, in some aspects.

When I finish college or at least have a break I think that is when I will finally relax and feel like myself again. It will give me time to recover, to plan, to relax and hopefully I will find myself again and feel right.

Passion will save me

Since I have feeling quite down recently I have decided to start doing more and find myself some hobbies. I have finally gotten back into jewellery making and I have decided to brush off my sewing skills and finally learn how to make some nice clothes.

I have wanted to make clothes for ages since the shops have either everything I love in or I can never find clothes that I truly like. If there are things I love in that’s great but when the high street has nothing worth while to buy and you have little time to shop it’s a bit depressing. So instead of adventuring outside I could make myself something and others too. Also who knows when you need a killer original outfit or when you might be the fairy godmother. First fairy godmother next the fashion industry.

My first project has been to make a pin cushion, in fact it has become a voodoo heart pin cushion, (For all y’all voodoo magic and textiles needs!). It hasn’t come out the best but for the first attempt it is pretty and I’m only going to jab needles into it so…..I have a lot more fabric in the same colours so I can always make them again and improve with time. Practice certainly makes perfect. I’m pretty proud of my little pin cushion. It’s a brilliant project for someone who can see but hasn’t since year 9. Bless I had to ask my mum how to set up the sewing machine since I had forgotten. That’s how much I have neglected my sewing skills. Anyhow a pin cushion is perfect to make to get back into sewing as a hobbie as I have found out. Like I said first pin cushions next the fashion industry.

Also since I have been struggling recently I have also neglected my little passion for making cute bracelets with slogans on. I just couldn’t do my orders and so I have slipt behind and finally I have caught up on the orders but not on my own. I have many little designs to complete and show.

Anyhow my point of this is that because I’m forcing myself to do stuff and to look after myself I am slowly getting back to normal and soon I will be better. Having passions has always made me feel like I’m important and worth something so gaining these hobbies should make me feel better. They have started to anyhow. So I guess my point is to keep going and to learn and experience and gain passions that make you want to be alive and so you will feel some self worth

Thank you

Ps I thought I would share my little projects with you and if ya enjoy follow my Instagram where I update all my projects regularly and thus you might be inspired like I have been



I’m Struggling

My mentality is very up and down. Some weeks I feel as if I could conquer the world and I’m happy, other weeks I feel as if death would be a better option than living. There is never an in between and I’m scared for myself. I feel like a swan on the outside perfectly fine but on the inside I feel as if I’m struggling to stay afloat and my legs are giving way. I just want to stop fighting. All I do is fight and work, but nothing is good enough to work.

I have never been perfect or anything special and I was fine with that. Not everyone was made to change the world but recently I feel as if I don’t matter. I’m not needed. I feel as if I don’t have a purpose and the world would keep spinning if I wasn’t here. All I see are faces in a crowd, and I’m in the crowd but at the same time disembodied from the crowd. I join in but I am never accepted, I’m just another mask: artificial, fake and worse than the real thing. I don’t know who I am any more and I’m so scared, I’ve lost my identity.

All I do is work and I feel like I am going nowhere.If anything all this work is making me a poor employee and student. I feel as if I am not successful. All my wrongs haven’t even made one right. Everyone has such a bright future with whatever they do and I see no bright future for me in fact I see no future. I’m stuck in this messed up maze called life and I see no way out. I feel as if I have nothing to fight for. I’ve lost all my passion. Everyone walks life at different rates but I feel like the child in last place who can never keep up with everyone else. 

I have never been a good person, I don’t believe good and bad people exist. I’ve made so many mistakes over the last few months out so spite, selfishness that I feel as if I am the villain in everyone else’s lives, the common enemy as some might say. The weakest link others might say. I don’t belong here, I never have and trying to fit doesn’t work. All I feel is guilt and despair, everything I do has a negative impact. I keep putting my efforts into other people so I don’t have to think about my own train wreck and that isn’t working, I think that is why I am turning into the villain. I keep messing up everything around me and myself.

For once I want to feel stronger than glass. I want to feel happy and loved instead…..I want to feel some kind of worth and importance instead of an extra in everyone else’s show. That is the struggle my friend; the struggle to feel my self worth.


My new addiction: bracelet making

Recently since nearly finishing my exams I have gotten a hobbie to do instead of spending my hours revising at knowledge that I’m going to forget in a months time and that hobbie is making bracelets. If you follow me on Instagram then you’d know perfectly well that I’m getting addicted to making bracelets. I keep posting my pictures of my bracelets like I’m a proud mother wanting to share my children’s achievements with the world. My Instagram had turned into a ‘look at my creation’ instead of ‘look where I have been’, I guess this is how God feels, if he is real.

Anyhow I think my addiction had started because making bracelets is super fun and super easy plus I find it really therapeutic and relaxing. Another factor is that I work in a shop that sells beads and everything you need to make jewellery, which is a plus since then I get money off the stuff I need to make my little beauties. Also my boss can do all the fancy stuff and makes his own jewellery and kind of inspired me to make my own.

So making bracelets is my new hobbie and it’s been going well. I really enjoy it and I have actually made some cute stuff that I can actually see as being sold in high street stores. I have also been asked to make replicas of my designs for friends and friends of my family who love my designs. So I’m getting my work out there and that’s really exciting!!!! For me anyhow.

Hopefully this addiction is better than other addictions like drugs and stuff. I don’t think I can get ill by making too many bracelets, hopefully not. The only thing my new addiction will do is mean that I have more bracelets and I’m creating a line of cute jewellery so no one gets hurt plus I’m bringing joy to other people through my designs.
So all good.

Anyhow these are some if my designs. I hope you enjoy!





Life Update

So I need to apologise for something. Recently I have completely rejected my blog. I know I’m horrified myself for letting my blog feel so rejected. I’m sorry baby. Anyhow I have a few reasons why I haven’t been writing recently, well I have one reason: exams.

Exams recently have taken over my life , literally. Most days for the last month I have been stressed about taking exams, studying for exams, procrastinating from studying for my exams and finally I have been taking my exams. So the last few months has been stressful since ever since September I have literally been told if I fail I will be doomed all through my life and will fail and die alone. Ok I might be exaggerating, actually I’m not that’s literally A levels for you. A levels aka the most stressful two years of your entire life.

Anyhow now I have only one exam left, statistics (kill me now), I should be blogging more because that’s the only subject I need to revise for instead of all 8 exams. The last two weeks have literally been a living hell. In fact I think hell would have been better than doing a philosophy and ethics exam with extra time. It’s only 4 essays but I was in that exam room from 9-1:15 so was a bit horrid.

As well as exams I have been working a lot which is fun since I love my job. It’s in the cutest boutique in North Yorkshire and one of the most unique places to shop as well. So I end up spending my wages in the shop as well but my room is pretty. But the only problem that I have found with working in the shop is that children like to stare at me. Like I worked one day and a toddler spent all hist time in the shop just staring at me with and expressionless expression on his face. It was scary. What was worse though is that his parents got scared at how much he stared at me and thought I did something. That was a great experience if I do say so myself.

So that my life recently work and revise. Not the best way to live but it’s only a wave and not the whole ocean so it’s going to end soon hopefully. At the moment I’m de-stressing and thus will write more

Ta ta for now

Ps the exams have made brought thus into my life.