Cyprus in Pictures

As I have recently published a post about my trip to Cyprus I thought it was only fair to share some of my photos with you too. It would have been on the other blog post but when i came to upload the pictures my files would not upload. Also I quite like sharing holiday […]

2014 is going to be the year…….

2013 has been quite a wild year for me, fun but quite mad at the same time. I have picked some pointers on what would make this year even better. I’m not going to call them resolutions because I actually want to achieve them and that it is not the normal resolutions people would see […]

The Smallest Whisper

Recently something has happened that has questioned who are really my friends. I won’t publish what has happened, because I believe that it is wrong to write arguments down on the internet, and to bring outsiders into an argument. It normally makes the argument worse. Being a teenage girl you know all about fakeness. I […]