The Vintage Fair!

On Easter Monday, I know it’s a bit ago but revision has taken over my life, I went to the local vintage fair at scarborough’s spa. This vintage fair was hosted by vintagous who do vintage fairs up and down the Yorkshire Coast. Vintagous organise all different stalls which sell vintage items, from home wear […]

My New Years Eve Look.

I decided this year my New Years Eve look was going to be less glitter and more mysterious because New Years Eve is all about the death of a year and the rebirth of a new. No one knows what the future holds, the future is dark and mysterious. It’s not all sparkles and glittery, […]

How to survive: the Sales!

If like me you love a discount then you have probably tried to shop in the January sales. I love shopping in sales, if I am in the mood but sometimes sales can be a bit too aggressive and over time I have learnt what to do and what not to do in sale. Hopefully […]

Winter Look book!

Hey honeybuns, I hope you all had a good Christmas. Now I know I promised you all a look book before Christmas but the holidays caught up to me. I’m sorry. Since the sales are on now, I figured it would be best if you liked any of the outfits to buy them now. Just […]

Note to self: Don’t wear skin coloured tights to College

A few weeks ago, I had my first fashion mishap at college. I wore skin coloured tights with a dress. Now you might think that would nice, I thought it did look good but I had not one but two catastrophes to do with wearing skin coloured tights. My day was a bit embarrassing to […]

A Week of Fashion as a Student: Wednesday

Today’s outfit has some vintage inspiration. I love the vintage feel of my cardigan but I decided to play it down with a plain black cami and a pair of jeans. To give it a tiny bit more vintage spirit I wore my worn brogues with the outfit. The last touches were hair and makeup. […]

A Week of Fashion as a Student: Tuesday

Today’s look is all about comfort. I didn’t want my outfit to look as if I had been planning it for a while. I didn’t by the way. The weather looked quite cold today, which meant one thing, jumpers! I love a good cosy jumper. I paired this with some skinny jeans and Vans and […]