I’m still alive!!!!

Lets start with the facts. 1) Its been like 6 months since i have written a blog post. 2) I have just finished college officially so now Jess is a free student 3) This year has definitely been the most stressful year of my life 4) I’m now 18 therefore an adult which means i […]

Down with the Clones

I’ve always been a big fan of individualism since I was little. The person who stood out from the crowd was always the most intriguing person to me; whether it was because of how they talked or even how they dressed. Being different to them were natural, they knew they were different. They embraced the […]

Yes I’m a Feminist. No, I don’t burn my bras and think all men are below me.

So today quite a controversal topic came up in history, feminism. It shouldn’t be a controversal topic but somehow on the way to trying to achieve equality feminism has been quite miss matched and has been labeled as woman who hate men or just women who want double standards. Which it completely isn’t, if anyone […]